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Home Theater Master MX-500 Review
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Home Theater Master MX-500 Features:

Controls 10 devices: Default device names include AUDIO, CD, DVD, TAPE, AUX, TV, VCR1, VCR2, SAT and CABLE, although the remote is capable of controlling any number of these.

All hard buttons: The MX-500 includes a total of 50 hard buttons, 43 of which are user programmable in each device. One hard button is for enabling the backlight, three hard buttons are dedicated to system-wide macros, while a further three are for remote operation.

Menu joystick: A fully customizable 5-way "gamepad"-style joystick is provided on the MX-500.

LCD screen: A large 2.3" diagonal LCD screen with dot-matrix labels provides 5-character names for 10 surrounding buttons. Two LCD pages are available for each device, providing a total of 20 LCD hard buttons. The LCD never shuts off - it's always active. LCD contrast levels are adjustable on the fly.

Complete backlighting: The MX-500 features an aqua-colored electroluminescent backlight that covers all hard buttons and the entire LCD screen. Backlight timeout can be configured from 0 (only on when button is pressed) to 99 seconds of inactivity, or disabled completely.

Full learning: The MX-500 can store up to 53 commands for each of its 10 devices - that's 530 learned functions! The applicable frequency range of learnable infrared signals is 10 to 100kHz.

Preprogrammed database: The MX-500 includes a huge database of preprogrammed codes for a wide variety of devices. Devices can be directly entered via 3-digit number or searched. Currently active code numbers can be easily displayed.

Editable LCD labels: Each of the 10 devices can feature a customizable 5-character name. In addition, 20 LCD-adjacent buttons for each device can also have 5-character names.

5 system macros: The MX-500 features three dedicated 20-step system macros which are available no matter what device is active; a further two system macros can be placed on the [SYSTEM OFF] and [POWER] buttons if desired.

10 device macros: Each device can have a 20-step macro assigned to it which is transmitted when the button is held for 2-seconds. Alternatively (and in combination) a single learned signal can also be attached.

50 favorite channel macros: Accessed from a dedicated [FAV] button, five LCD screens worth of buttons can each hold 10-step macros which reference a device's keypad.

Punchthroughs: Volume, channel or transport commands can be individually "punched through" on a specific device basis.

Menu driven interface: Unlike most hard buttoned remotes, all configuration changes are intuitively made through the LCD screen.

Reset configuration changes: The MX-500 allows you to delete learned signals or macros on a single, device or entire remote basis. In addition, the remote is easily reset to factory default.

Clone remotes: One MX-500 can be wirelessly cloned to another in about 40 seconds.

Strong IR transmission: Two powerful IR emitters enable the MX-500 to outshine the IR range and spread of almost all original remote controls.

Memory lock: The MX-500 won't lose your configuration when it is left without power for an extended amount of time.

Low battery warning: When battery levels are low, the MX-500 will display a "LOW BATTERY" message each time the [POWER] button is pressed or the Setup Menu is accessed.

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