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Home Theater Master MX-1000 Review
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Home Theater Master MX-1000 Features:

Controls 12 components: The MX-1000 can, by default, control AUDIO, TUNER, CD, DVD, LD, TAPE, SAT, CABLE, TV, VCR1 VCR2 and AUX. Any existing component may be re-mapped to another type of device.

Full learning: Infrared codes ranging in frequency from 10kHz to 100kHz may be learned onto any button. A total of 16 configurable hard buttons and approximately 48 LCD buttons are available for each device.

Preprogrammed codes: In addition to learning signals, the MX-1000 includes a large database of preprogrammed codes for a wide variety of components. Codes may be entered directly or via brand search.

LCD screen: The MX-1000 includes a large high-resolution touchscreen display. It features a diagonal of 3.1" and a resolution of 160 pixels wide and 240 pixels high, with 4 colors (white, light gray, dark gray, black). The contrast is adjustable at any time via software control.

Joystick menu control: A five-way joystick allows for easy command over DVD or TV menu systems and the selection of menu items.

Macros: Three specific types of macros are available on the MX-1000. Three system macros may each have 28 commands. Each of the 12 devices may have a 14-step macro that is sent every time a device is selected. Finally, you may position up to 60 14-step macros on any LCD button in the remote.

Full backlighting: Both the LCD screen and all hard buttons (except the [LIGHT] button) are backlit with a bright aqua green electroluminescent panel.

Strong IR transmission: Dual IR emitters in an exposed position provide excellent range and signal dispersion.

Custom labels: All devices and LCD buttons may have user-configured text labels applied. Two font sizes and two lines of text are available for each button.

Edit all LCD buttons: You may add, remove, copy, position and change the size and appearance of all LCD buttons on-screen using the built-in joystick.

Punch-throughs: Configurable punch-throughs may be used to use the channel, volume or transport controls from one device on others.

PC connectivity: An included RS232 serial communications port may be used to connect the MX-1000 to a PC for configuration and backup purposes.

Automatic power off: The MX-1000 can be configured to shut off the LCD and backlighting after a specific period of inactivity.

Flash upgradeable: All system programming on the MX-1000 can be flash updated for future changes and improvements.

Memory lock: The MX-1000 has an internal memory lock that retains all programming for an extended period without battery power.

Beep tone: A built-in beep tone may be adjusted between high, low and off.

Low battery warning: A low battery warning may be configured to activate when battery levels reach between 5 and 50 percent of power remaining.

Full clock: A built-in clock displays the date and time.

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