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Evolve Guide Remote RD5000M Features:

TV program guide: The best part of the Guide Remote, its free built-in TV guide includes a program grid and detailed description screens in the palm of your hand. Information typically includes program name, description, parental rating, movie ratings and year, plus more.

Works with your TV, VCR, cable box or satellite: The built-in program guide is fully synchronized with your reception device so that what you watch matches what the Guide Remote shows.

Controls up to 16 devices: The Guide Remote can be configured to operate up to 16 devices, including televisions, VCRs, cable boxes, satellites, CD players, receivers, amplifiers, tape decks, DAT decks, phonographs, DVD players, LD players, home control systems and more.

Preprogrammed codes: The Guide Remote incorporate UEI's infrared code database, one of the best on the market, for control of your entire system.

Customizable advanced functions: All devices include a wide variety of advanced functions which can be deleted, moved or renamed by the user. The long list of advanced features is supplemented by a quick access grid.

32 macros: A special macro section on the remote allows for macros with up to 100 steps each and customizable delay times. Macros can be assigned to an on-screen LCD list or a hard button and can be custom named.

Dot matrix LCD screen: The remote's 2-color display has a resolution of 128 by 64 pixels and is backlit by an aqua green EL panel.

35 hard buttons: 17 of these operate the remote, with the final 18 controlling your components.

Volume & channel punchthrough: Allows the volume or channel controls from one device to be "punched" through to another.

RS232 serial port: The serial connector and included cable allow the remote to be connected to a computer for program listing downloads and more.

Program & personal reminders: Configured on Evolve's website, the Guide Remote can be set to remind users of upcoming programs or personal events.

Critics: Up to two specialized "critics" can be added to the Guide Remote, which will recommend various programs depending on your genre preferences.

Interactivity keys: Five buttons on the Guide Remote store requests for information that can be obtained from the website. These include coupons, contests, shopping and further information. You can also register your opinion on individual programs.

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