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Post 14 made on Monday March 8, 2010 at 03:55
Ernie Bornn-Gilman
Yes, That Ernie!
December 2001
On March 7, 2010 at 02:42, masmusic said...
...i can't turn off the yamaha receiver with the dtv remote. Is that possible? seems odd, but I can only control the volume.

Yes, it's totally possible. I am in the same pickle, but that's only because I've been too lazy to program a real programmable remote to do the job for me here at home.

Also is there a way to turn off the dtv box (HR 20) with the yamaha remote?

If nothing else, you can teach the power command to the Yamaha remote. I've got a client who has both a set of cable box AND satellite box commands learned on his Yamaha remote, power included.

By the way, there's no real reason to turn off the power on a DirecTV receiver. With a DVR, it's a bit quieter when turned off, but probably not worth the additional turn-on process. Just leave 'em on.

a lot of times, new members look up topics and land on old threads, then comment on them. The problem in a thread as old as this one either has been solved, or the original poster (OP) doesn't care any more. Would you still be looking here for an answer more than a year later?

The other thing newbies do is to ask a question not completely on topic in a thread. This gets limited attention because the thread is not about your topic, so only a few people will ever bother to look at it.

You are a member. You have the right to make a post, which means you have the right to start a new thread. You ask questions well, which is to say you're clear about what you're doing. The only thing you need now is to add the model of the TV in case it matters. I gave you an answer because I happened to see this thread, but next time increase your chances by starting a new thread (with a title that's clear as to what you need).
A good answer is easier with a clear question giving the make and model of everything.
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