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Post 1 made on Friday March 5, 2010 at 15:19
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August 2001
2015 Update

Some years ago I rather blindly stumbled into helping a number of members with their Chunghop enquires (more often than not requests for RM-90 codes) which in turn led me into learning more of Chunghop, their range of remotes and the cataloguing a number of user manuals for the files section. In doing so, it quickly became apparent there were a number of anomalies/discrepancies that could possibly benefit from a little more explanation, hence this sticky post. Whether it has actually been of benefit I cannot say, 19,000+ views and the curtailing of Chunghop enquires would suggest yes, but nonetheless I think it is now time for a little bit of a refresh.


Below is a list of models that are believed or known to bear the Chunghop name, however, such is the chaotic nature of the catalogue and numbering systems I feel it is all too easy to get confused: I certainly still do. A simple check will quickly reveal that a large proportion of those listed no longer feature on the Chunghop website (e.g. RM-210A and B), some apparently having had their model number altered by distributors (e.g. L102 aka RM-L102) and others being completely scrambled - even by Chunghop themselves (e.g. RC-133E). And just what is the reasoning behind the seemingly random use of upper and lower case prefixes and suffixes (e.g. E202 and e212)? That one, I fear, may have to remain a mystery.

Well, in an effort to shine something of a light through the fug, I've listed a few notes that may be of some assistance. Please scroll down to continue.

Chunghop 2015.7a

Chunghop 2015.7b

In my original post I did, somewhat reservedly, praise Chunghop for offering support pages that allowed the downloading of manuals and codes. Unfortunately, the list wasn't complete and neither were some of the files: e.g. instructions without codes and in a least one instance, codes without instructions. In my 2011 update I lamented the passing of this, albeit flawed, website and support access, but now a new site has emerged, though alas the support page can, even at best, only be described as rudimentary. Consequently, I believe my previous boast about Remote Central being the leading repository of Chunghop files still holds true.

Note: For those interested, remnants of the old Chunghop site can still be found, including the support pages. The links though no longer work.

Chunghop have, over the years, used a variety of 3, 4 (and now 5) digit codes that I've endeavoured to arrange into various, albeit crude, groupings. Although a reasonable effort (even if I do say so myself) I did, a few years back think it would be a good exercise to compile a more comprehensive spreadsheet that would encompass all the known files, numbers, groups and links. Little did I realise what a monumental task it would be.

I did manage to finish the 3-digit section (now out of date) and commence the 4, but unfortunately time constraints forced me to shelve the project. I am hoping to revisit it at some stage, but for the moment the existing groupings (with the addition of the 5 digit) will have to suffice.

Model Specific:
[1]. The instructions supplied by Chunghop did not include codes. A code set (the one most likely to be compatible) has been added to the RC file.

[2]. Part of the Generic TV group. The instructions cover the models: CA-908; CB-203; CC-433; CC-435; CJ-303; CK-388; CP801; CS-802; CS-803; CS-806 (and possibly others).

[3]. The code list supplied differs from the example within the instructions. I have no actual reason to suspect their being incorrect, but I have included a copy of the codes from the H-1080E as a precaution. A readme file explaining this has also been added.

[4]. The ia4 suffers from a common typo error: the correct model number is i.a4.

[5]. This model is also sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as the RM-L102.

[6]. A multilingual model, but the instructions are only available in Spanish and Italian.

[7]. Part of the M2-M8 group. The instructions cover the models: M2, M3, M6 and M8.

[8]. It would appear that with the Q33, Q33E and Q-33E, Chunghop have successfully managed to confuse themselves; i.e. mismatched web links/model numbers/images etc. Having dug a little further, I believe the Q33E is a misnomer and that there is only the Q33 and Q-33E, with the former appearing to be a Chinese version of the rest of the world latter.

[9]. I believe the RC-133E and RM-133E to be one and the same - the instructions for the RM-133E actually being entitled RC-133E. Note that there is also the RM-133, which I believe to be a Chinese version of the model.

[10]. The instructions and codes, as supplied, are incomplete. I have included the codes and instructions from the TR007, which appear to be the same (regardless of their physical differences), and have included an explanatory readme file.

[11]. The original file, obtained from Chunghop, has the RM-101 using 3 digit codes, but the three models I subsequently acquired all use 4 digit codes. To confuse matters further, the code sets are also completely different - that is to say it's not simply a case of adding an extra digit in front of the existing 3 digit group. Consequently, the RM-101 is one of only two models (the other being the RM-969E) that has the distinction of featuring in both the 3 and 4 digit code groups. The RC file contains both sets of instructions/codes, plus an explanatory readme.

[12]. As with [1] the original file obtained from Chunghop does not include a code set. Again, one has been included, but even with the array of code sets presently discovered, it must be considered more a possible rather than probable match.

[13]. A Chinese manual with English codes, as I've yet to find a Chinese version of the latter. Needless to say [1] also applies.

[14]. Unlike [7] (and possibly [8]) Chunghop have, with the RM-188E, successfully managed to release two entirely different looking models with the same model number (that also happen to look very much like models with entirely different numbers).

RM-188E (i) RM-188E (ii)

To differentiate between the two I've added the somewhat cumbersome (i) and (ii) suffixes, with the latter being the only one of the two that has instructions available. Again, as I've added the codes, [1] also applies.

[15]. The RM-203C and RM-203D are somewhat unique in they are the only 3a code group devices (presently found) to support only 2 devices, the former being TV/VCD and the latter TV/DVD. Connoisseurs of Chunghop will be aware that the 3a group usually supports either just 1 device (TV) or 3 devices (TV, VCD and DVD).

[16]. Seemingly does exist, but I've no information other than a slightly indistinct image, which I lifted from a Chinese wholesaler website.

[17]. Note that the website image has an x suffix, which I believe is merely an indication of its (in this instance) silver colour (I've also seen black, white, blue and orange versions). Again, as I've added the codes, [1] also applies.

[18]. The RM-365 is another 3a-x (3) group oddity, in that the TV and DVD codes seemingly conform to 3a-iii (3), but the VCD codes have been dropped in favour of SAT codes.

[19]. May also be referred to as the RM-366C.

[20]. The RM-377 and RM377E may actually be one and the same - the model number on the remote (RM-377E) differs from the title of the manual (RM-377).

[21]. The RM-409 and RM-409E may actually be one and the same - the old website details and images refer to it as the RM-409 whereas the manual is entitled RM-409E. Codes added so [1] also applies.

[22]. Images of this model are a mixture of RM-828c and RM-828x, but as the manual is entitled RM-828 that is the model number that's been adopted.

[23]. Images have this model listed as the RM-868c, but as the manual is entitled RM-868, that is the model number that has been adopted.

[24]. As with a number of other models, the instructions from Chunghop do not include a code set so the most likely match has been added. However, having subsequently acquired the instructions/codes for one of these devices (graciously made available to me by delboy17) I found it to use 4 rather than the original 3 digit codes. Consequently, the RM-969E is one of only two models (the other being the RM-101) that has the distinction of featuring in both the 3 and 4 digit code groups. The RC file contains both sets of instructions/codes, plus an explanatory readme.

[25]. The original file, obtained from Chunghop, did not include codes and there is no clue within them to suggest which, if any, should be used. Indeed, I cannot even determine whether this model can be described as universal, however limited its capability.

[26]. The original file, obtained from Chunghop, is incomplete and did not include codes. Some assistance may be gained by looking at the instructions for model numbers RM-909E, RM-920E and RM-L708.

[27]. The RC file contains two versions of the manual, codes and an explanatory readme.

[28]. The original file and codes (in English) was downloaded from the old Chunghop website some years ago. The new file (in several European languages) has codes that are completely different - the TV codes appearing to be an earlier variant of the new 3a-vii code set, but with an additional preceding 0. As there is no means by which to distinguish the models, both sets of manuals and codes, along with a readme, have been included in the RC file.

[29]. May also be referred to as the RM-L988E.

[30]. The instructions cover models SON-301A, SON-301B and SON-301C. Again, as I've added the codes [1] also applies.

[31]. The instructions cover models SON-30A, SON-302B and SON-302C. Again, as I've added the codes [1] also applies.

[32]. The RC file contains two versions of the manual, plus a readme explaining their origins.

[33]. As with the RM-365, the UR-308 is another 3a-x (3) group oddity in that the TV and DVD codes seemingly conform to 3a-iii (3), but he VCD codes have been dropped in favour of CABLE codes.

[34]. Daniel, in uploading these files to RC, has added a hyphen. It is more usual to see them without - e.g. URC 03 rather than URC-03.

[35]. Although designated URC 10, the image fronting the instructions carries the model no. RM-810. Having checked they do indeed look to be identical (cosmetically, at least) and the instructions also appear to be interchangeable, but be aware that the code sets do contain differences; both use differing unclassified variations of my 3b codes.


Instruction manual and imagery links:

Should anyone have a copy of one of the missing manuals, please upload it. And if anyone should happen to know of a source for one of the missing models, please let me know.

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