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Post 9 made on Saturday June 27, 2009 at 17:57
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On June 27, 2009 at 13:33, Anthony said...
There is little to no advantage with digital over analogue on an old tube TV.

This is a false statement. In other words , if you prefer , totally inaccurate.

On the contrary there is lots of advantage with watching Digital vs Analogue.

1 PQ is not as dependant on reception levels therefore stays constant over time.

2 Audio Quality is also better and constant.

3 Potential Access to more TV channels due to multicasting on the same 6 Mhz bandwith.

4 Better rejection of interference , including even co-channel interference.

As a result Known Analog problems such as Ghost, "Snow", Color Distortion, Audio noise, Two Pictures from 2 Different Stations and others are from now on are just a thing from the past.

For more info and to watch real life scenarios, examples and tests , point a Ku Dish based FTA Satellite System to: Galaxy 19, formerly called Galaxy 25 and IA-5 (Telstar 5) at 97 west longitude.

The receiver parameters for the program (named PIT on the EPG) is as follows:

The downlink frequency is 11778.700 MHz, Horizontal

The symbol rate should be set to 3.978723.

The FEC rate (Forward Error Correction rate) is 3/4.

Digital is not perfect but performs way better and is more robust than analog.

Unless impossible like with TVO for now, it would be better to watch a digital signal than an Analog one even with an old TV. Well there are exceptions , like some low Symbol Rate TV stations via Satellite , but for the most part going Digital over Analog is the recommendation.

Anthony although it is true that the analog TV will only display a SD image and reproduce at most a stereo sound if the source is digital then the quality will be better than analog (in the large vast mayority of cases, just in case someone wants to watch the now defunct Master Control Analog feed from a major network like CBS and unfairly compare it with a low SR CBS Affiliate Satellite downlink).

El gran chico , I am always right , lol, or at least try my best to be right, lol. I had not noticed that most did not have S-Video output though and that is funny. I guess they just wanted to save some money huh?.

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