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Post 9 made on Thursday September 23, 2004 at 07:16
Dave Houston
RF Expert
October 2001
On 09/23/04 04:27 ET, Peter Dewildt said...
A search of the Files area revealed that there
is a PCF with Ocelot IR codes here:


I am probably one of the five most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to the Ocelot (and three of the five work for Applied Digital). I helped them (before the Ocelot was introduced) to refine their RS232 interface and improve their X-10 features. Believe me, while the Ocelot can learn almost any IR code with a carrier of 38kHz 5kHz, unless there have been very recent changes, there are NONE preloaded into it and there are NONE that it can recognize and react to without a user written Ocelot ladder logic program.

Any CCF or PCF file that has "Ocelot" codes will require the user to extract the codes from the CCF or PCF, convert them to ADI's LIR format and paste them into an LIR file (Applied Digital's IR file) using a utility application from ADI. Then the Ocelot must still be programmed to respond when it recognizes the codes (if it recognizes them).

The Ocelot can learn and store 1024 IR codes. It can play them back or can trigger other actions when it receives a code that it has in its memory. It does the latter by searching through its learned IR memory area for a code that matches the received code.

The Ocelot only does X-10 PLC via a PL513, PSC04, PSC05, TW523, TW7223, XM10E or XM10U (all X-10 manufactured TTL level interfaces that require dedicated higher level processor time to send/receive X-10 PLC commands). It does not receive or send any RF. The Ocelot uses a single PIC to handle both IR and X-10 so it can only do one at a time, missing any inputs while busy sending either IR or X-10 PLC.

While the Ocelot design is about five years old, it remains one of the most powerful and flexible Home Automation controllers on the market, offering far more expansion capabilities and far more "bang for the buck" than anything else.

The files you referenced will only further confuse a noobie.

Dave Houston

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