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Post 3 made on Sunday January 9, 2005 at 19:53
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It took me a while to do it but I figured it out.

Go to the timers page.

Press "Add" to create a timer. You'll note that 2 buttons will appear. One labeled "Timer 1" and the other, to the left of it is unlabeled. The left button turns the timer on and off. If the the one labeled Timer 1 shows dark text on a light background press "Edit". If the Timer 1 button shows light text on a dark background press it and then press Edit.

Before you edit the timer you need to know that there are 2 types of timers, single ended timers and double ended timers. A single ended timer, for example, would be using the remote to create a macro to set your satellite box to go to CBS and start the VCR recording eg. satellite on, delay, 2, delay, 4, delay, 1, delay, enter, VCR on, delay, record. A good example of a double ended timer would be my situation, I want my home to look lived in while I'm away skiing. I turn lights on, TV on, and satellite on at 8:30 and off at 11:30. One macro for on and one macro for off.

In the "Start" section of the edit screen you set all the parameters for the beginning stage of your timer. Pressing the date buttons will let you use the hard buttons at the bottom of the screen to scroll up and down to set the date that your timer starts, ditto for the time. "Start Actions" is where you enter the start sequence eg. lights on, delay, TV on, delay, satellite on. Add your steps, test using the hard button below the screeen, and press OK.

Now on to the "Stop" section of the timer editing screen. As in the start section, press the time and scroll up or down to set the time and, if necessary, the date that the finish squence of commands will be sent. Note that the you can only adjust the time up and down but when you scroll past midnight the date goes to the following day. Now press "Stop Actions" and ender the ending sequence of commands eg. satellite off, delay, TV off, delay, lights off. Press OK.

Last but not least, press "Repeat Settings". This screen lets you select the the days of the week that your timer will run. If you just want the timer to run once leave the settings on this screen alone, otherwise press "No" and adjust the settings to suit yourself. Press OK and back to the editing screen.

Press OK again and you'll be back at the first screen where you first created the timer. Press the unlabelled button beside the one marke "Timer 1". Center dark means that the timer you created is not activated. Press this button (center light), press OK and the timer on icon will appear at the top of the screen. Exit the tools menu and you're done.

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