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Post 3 made on Saturday February 25, 2006 at 13:49
Lyndel McGee
RC Moderator
August 2001

For this purpose, I use Catraxx and there's an updated version called CatVids.

Rest assured, I'm working on a bit of a layout that differs slightly from LowPro's. Still 9 per page but there are some really cool things I'm doing. For example, LowPro's info pages are full page BMP captures from Netflix. Way too much memory use for those pages. I've got a MS Word Document with flowing columns that I cut-n-paste text only from Netflix. Then, I screen capture, crop and generate a PNG. What I've found is that the 2-color PNG file to use for the movie description is usually < 3KB. So, with my memory improvements by using PNG-256 (8 bits), I can pull in both movie jacket and description for under 12KB.

When I get all this done, I will definitely be looking at how to programmatically pull it together. However, as I work through the details, I'm formulating layouts for what will be the next generation of SNL.

FYI, my wife like to be able to lookup by Text as well so my PCF has both SNL textual lists as well as DVD Jacket Covers like LowPro's. Hence, my need to ensure that I conserve memory by reducing colors/transparency to cut down on PNG memory requirements. FYI, I have over 800 Jacket pictures loaded and have started putting full-page descriptions into my setup. Right now, without the Textual SNL stuff, I'm at 55% free on the remote.

Don't get me wrong. Lowpro gave us a great pattern to follow and imitation is the "BEST" form of flattery.

However, I was concerned about the amount of memory he was using for graphics. He and I both still have 7000's (you haven't upped me with a 7500 have you FD?) and we are both conscientous about memory. Fortunately, I've been able to come in and create my own Jacket Pics that come in at usually 75% of what LowPro's file sizes are.
Lyndel McGee
Philips Pronto Addict/Beta Tester

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