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Post 8 made on Friday April 21, 2006 at 09:22
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April 2006
IMHO, you are
nickel and diming the little guy who wrote the
guide as a consolidation of much info throughout
the Pronto and Pronto NG forums on this site.

IMHO you are being VERY defensive of something you didnt create. I really cant be bothered to argue with you about it.

Im aware its a very good guide, I was merely pointing out that it is perhaps in need of an update, so that complete novices such as myself dont find themselves getting to page 5 and thinking "hang on, this isnt the same".

I'm hardly telling the guy his work is crap am I ?

In my experience, when software is updated, there will often be a change to books being printed and sold to reflect this. If you go into a book shop and pick up an old copy of the book, fine, you expect there to be differences. But by buying the latest version of the book you expect it to be the same as the latest version of the software is all.

I have to say, my first post to this forum has been met my a bit of an unfriendly response to a passing comment about something which I'm right - the guide not reflecting the current software.
I do hope it gets friendlier from here on in, it's not as if I was slagging the guys work off !!

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