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Post 7 made on Wednesday April 2, 2003 at 02:15
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April 2003
Here is my list:

1. Currently my iProntoEdit has problems finding the iPronto device even though I can ping it from the same PC, so I would like the iProntoEdit to have a configuration that I can set the IP of the iPronto to allow fast and easy connections for file upload and download. (EDIT) After more work I was able to get my iProntoEdit to work 99% of the time but I still think a more robust set of network option would be nice. (EDIT)

2. Remapping of Hard buttons for different devices, i.e. I currently use my channel up and down on my Pronto TSU2000 to Play and Pause my DVD when Iím on the DVD device panel and channel up and down when Iím on my Satellite device panel.

3. Computer Software that will allow the iPronto simple interaction with a PC on the network. Interface to something simple like keyboard commands would work (I use Girder for keyboard mapping to do all kinds of things).

4. Also related to above request a Wake-on-LAN command, which should be easy enough to include as a user only needs a compatible NIC (most today allow this) and the MAC address, the command is simply the MAC (repeated >15 times) with a synchronization stream at the end. This relates to the above request because if they added the simple computer interface software that loaded as a service you could login, shut down, or boot your media PC with macros.

5. Allow an SD Card to be used as extra storage of backgrounds, buttons, and sound files, for example in a Windows PocketPC you can choose to save files to main memory or storage card. If the files are linked then it would be just another partition in the system. Obviously the code would have to be robust enough to not crash if the card was removed, i.e. any files that can not be located would be replace with a compatible token file.

6. Allow me to change and add sound files for buttons or actions by uploading either MP3s or WAV files, see number 5 above for space constraints.

7. Separate backlight and system off timers like on a Pronto TSUx000, i.e. turn off backlight after 30 seconds and turn off system after 20 minutes. This would do two things for me; first save battery life, and second allow me to use the hard buttons without waiting for the system to come online. My family and I mute the sound on every commercial break during normal TV watching and with the iPronto we have to push the hard button mute once, wait a second, then push it again to get the mute to work. I have tried setting the off timer to a greater time frame, like 15 minutes, but this really eats up the batteries as the unit never shuts off during two hours of primetime TV watching because we use the mute every 10 or so minutes.

8. It would be nice to have a SDK for building Applications for the iPront.

9. Some way to tell how much memory would used on the iPronto when your creating icf files through iProntoEdit.

10. Support for GIF or JPEGs to reduce image size.

11. Saw this on another post but transparent support would be nice, if GIFs were supported this would be easy.

12. Background color control for pages, not just Black, Dark Gray, Gray and White.

13. Background image with title, center, scale options.

14. The ability to hide Devices and Pages.

* I know this is not a software item but I have seen this mentioned before and would like to re-voice it here. Build a docking station. The battery cover could be replaced with one that has contacts to allow docking. I really think this should have been included with the unit at a price of around $1700.


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