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Post 1 made on Thursday September 25, 2003 at 02:42
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September 2003
I recently discovered the iPronto after browsing Philip's Streamium Web site (, and I think it is a pretty cool device that shows a lot of potential. I have also searched throughout the Internet for reviews and articles about the iPronto, and this has led me to more questions.

Various articles mention that the iPronto has the ability to play MP3s and/or control the playing of MP3s that are stored on a computer. The manual (which I downloaded from the Yahoo iPronto group) does not mention this feature. Is this a feature of the iPronto or something that will eventually be enabled?

I've seen articles discussing the ability to use iPronto for home automation. A search through the manual does not turn up anything on home automation, however. Is it possible to use the iPronto, at this point, for home automation? I read in a post in the forum about someone who was using an IR-to-X10 bridge to send commands to X10 devices, but I'm not sure if this is required.

The iPronto and Streamium products are featured in Philips "Connected Planet" vision ([Link:]), and it appears that there might be some specific interaction between the iPronto and future Streamium devices at some point. Any information on this?

I might add that at the "Connected Planet" Web site, it states the following: "iPronto is the all-in-one dashboard for your digital home. Just a few buttons and touch-screen interfaces can control an entire entertainment centre and anything else, from lighting to air conditioning.

But, iPronto does more than replace existing remote controls. Because it functions over Wi-Fi,it manages music, movies and photos across all the devices on your wireless network making it the perfect Streamium companion."

Is the above statement from Philips true based on users' experiences with the iPronto?

Finally, has anyone done a port scan on an iPronto with the latest firmware? I'm interested in seeing the list of ports that are open on an iPronto.

Thanks for any information!

Aaron Levinson

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