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Post 49 made on Wednesday June 2, 2004 at 19:14
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We all want more features, including those we
were promised in all the pre-sales blurb (like
Q-view and browser) and simple stuff like USB,
MMC, favourites etc. It just seems we've all
been forgotten and without these the user base
is likely to remain low so even less liklihood
of Philips expending any real effort to add new

I for one was *HAPPY* to see the back of Q-View ... if I want to have the top corner of four pages of different remotes showing at once then I'll define a page that does it! As it is I've been glad to see the back of a facility that I never used as I felt that the restrictions that *IT* imposed on me were not acceptable.

I think that people who expect a fully fledged web browser on the iPronto are being somewhat unreasonable too - the web browser that is there is perfectly capable of handling any of the web servers on my *INTRANET* and makes a damn good stab at most of the websites that I would want to go to from my remote (for example the local pizza place). If you want a fully fledged and all singing browser then fire up a laptop or something ... this is a remote for gods sake!

I'm glad Philips concentrated on sorting bugs rather than adding features and piling in more bugs - sure, I wish it had been stable and solid from the outset but whilst Philips are showing a commitment to the product then I'm happy to use it.

I'm glad that I have it and I have no major gripes with it!


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