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Post 1 made on Wednesday June 2, 2004 at 15:36
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March 2003
I downloaded the new software and firmware....created my new configuration and now I can't successfully download the config to my iPronto. First things first.....I've been using the iPronto for over a year with viritually no I don't believe my problem is inexperience. I bought a new computer and I think there must be some security or firewall "turned on" in XP that I can't locate....

My wireless network is working fine....I have a strong signal strength indicating on the iPronto...(and I can successfully use another wireless device on the same network)

When I attempted the download for the first time (and on subsequent attempts after resetting my wireless network) iProntoedit successfully "sees" my ipronto and the correct ip address. Upon attempting to complete the download process, it finally "times out attempting to communicate". FYI...I do walk over to the iPronto in anticipation of "okaying" the attempted download, but there is no window asking for this "OK" like there always was in the past.

Before downloading all the new software/firmware (and admittedly prior to buying a stupid new state of the art pc) I fiddled with my config all the time and never had a problem uploading or downloading. Since the wireless network is clearly working, and since my PC is clearly "seeing" and correctly identifying the ip address of the iPronto.....what in the world could be preventing it from successfully communicating my configuration download attempts?

(I have rebooted the ipronto AND the wireless, and fyi...when I rebooted the wireless network, it ended up assigning a new, different ip address to the iPronto and my pc/iprontoedit successfully "saw" that new ip it's almost got to be something PC/XP related.....right? anyone? anyone? bueller?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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