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Post 1 made on Sunday January 6, 2002 at 14:26
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December 2001
I'm looking for clarification about discrete codes.

For example, in the discrete files on this website there are discrete "power on" and "power off" codes for a Sony receiver. However, the codes are exactly the same. So, how does one code ONLY (i.e. discrete) turn on the device and the other one ONLY turn off the device?

Also, the library of IR codes in my Pronto TSU2000 are a different length than those on remotecentral. For example, in my Pronto TSU2000, the on and off IR codes for a Sony receiver are strings of eight 4 digits numbers while those on remotecentral are strings of thirty-two 4 digit numbers. So, does the length of the string of 4 digit numbers matter?

What I'm looking for is a distinct power-on and power-off for my devices. Primarily, I need the off codes/ability for my All Off macro. Currently, when I use the All Off macro it turns on a device if the device's current state is "off." This function works for a friend of mine because he was lucky enough to have original remotes that already had distinct on and off buttons... how nice.

Also, when he switches from say the VCR to the DVD (both use the Receiver & TV) he just pushes the DVD-On button and the DVD powers on and the receiver and TV switch their inputs for the DVD. Note: the DVD button will also power on all three devices and set their inputs when everything is Off. Because I do not have a distinct power-on button, when I push my DVD button it powers on the DVD and THEN powers OFF the receiver and the TV if they were currently on. However, my button works fine when everything is off. So, my macros are very useful when everything is off, but if you want to switch from one set up to another when devices are already on you have to press several buttons to change the set up.

My buddy's one button approach to initially macro a system on (or switch to another system with the same button that is used to initially turn it on) or the use of his one button All Off macro to power devices down no matter if one or all of the devices are on is all possible because of DISTINCT ON AND OFF CODES (in other words, as the macro goes through "all" of the devices it ONLY powers off those that are on).

Can anyone help me find distinct on and off IR codes? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish my goal? Any help will be much appreciated.


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