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Post 28 made on Monday August 21, 2006 at 18:51
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August 2003
On August 21, 2006 at 18:02, yromj said...
I think they should offer two lines of remotes: the first
line is their current line which requires the use of authorized
dealers, etc. The second line should be the web or DIY

They allready have and currently do.. they have always had a Consumer product line and a Custom/Professional product line and they have always been promoted that way on their website as well as the fact that only remotes purchased from authorized dealers would be supported. The fact that other people were selling the Custom/Professional line in a way that it was not intended has caused this to become an issue. If URC had vigorously persued the problem from the beginning none of this would have ever happened. You can still buy all of the remotes that they produce and get the software with the remote. At the time you purchase the remote you can then register it and get all of the updates that you desire. If you have a current remote and software, I could only see the 3000 needing a change or update seeing that it is new to the market and has some obvious issues. Most of us buy things on-line, myself included, with the thought that hey, it's cheaper and why should I pay extra to someone who only has a server set up to accept orders and isn't really doing anything else to support me, we typically forego the thought of possibly needing future support to save a few bucks. I do not sell URC remotes, but the issue still bothers me. I have visited their web site numerous times in the past to get information as to whether or not it is a line that I may want to carry and their policy of unauthorized sales has allways been listed on their site. When I am researching items I may want to buy I allways do alot of reading up on features and benefits and whatnot and I would guess that most of the people who are complaining about the new policy also did alot of research before they made their purchase, I would find it difficult to believe that if they had visited the URC website that they would have missed the authorized dealer support policy, as when you went to the page to find a dealer it was right there. Now, they either knew that fact and are now mad at themselves and taking it out at URC or they just plain chose to ignore it and take the chance.

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