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Post 27 made on Monday August 21, 2006 at 18:28
Captain Chris
Long Time Member
August 2006
cma, I'll repost my response to your same post in the other URC thread:


Thanks, guys, for trying to help. Good to see that this is still being read by people, even if it's just our fellow public. CMA, you may or may not know that the only difference between the Parasound MX-700 remote and the standard URC MX-700 remote is that the power buttons have been switched, so "On" is "Off" and vice versa. Why, I have no idea--perhaps there's some agreement that an OEM remote can not be packaged in its original form with other equipment. Both the URC and Parasound versions of MXEditor work for any MX-700 remote, as long as you keep straight which power button is which.

In any case, the "Parasound" version of MXEditor was also locked out from Live Update with the same 25 July update from URC. It now has the exact same pop-up note as the standard URC version, that you must contact your URC dealer for access to the new Complete Control program. As stated, us Parasound owners bought the product from Parasound, not URC, so many of us don't have a "URC dealer". Clearly, this IS a URC issue that is not addressed by their policy, and I'm waiting to hear from them regarding if and how they will support people like myself, trying to give them every chance to respond. Even if they have no intention of providing support to authorized buyers that are falling through the cracks, I would just like to hear that, or something, just one way or another.

I would assume that URC intends to support ALL authorized buyers of their products, but URC needs to be the one that states that, not us fellow buyers, users, and industry members.

As for calling URC, I'm currently on a military deployment halfway around the world, but if I don't get any response for the next several months will be calling them at my earliest opportunity.

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