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Post 14 made on Saturday March 4, 2006 at 17:02
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March 2006
I originally purchased this MegaChanger and afterward read all about the frustration that some of the users had. You could imagine how I felt post purchase I just had the machine a few days and was already regretting it.

So what I did was spend the time to load up the disc info in the Disc Explorer, then created a spreadsheet of all the DVD listings. With the spreadsheet I sorted the genre by color and keep the sheet on the cocktail table (for reference purposes only).

My buddy bragged about his Harmony 659 so I borrowed it to see what it could do, and I was very satified at the possibility of this remote. I was able to set this guy up and import my DVD listing to the remote (a la Pronto but without the pics , which by the way surprised me completely -it doesn't take much). The Harmony 659 also uploaded my TV listings to the remote (sweet).

I've heard alot about the Pronto remote and wanted it badly, but I just could not justify the cost, instead I bought a Harmony 880 (with $30 rebate at Amazon) and had it programmed similar to the recommendation for the Pronto.

This Harmony remote also allowed me to input my entire DVD collection to the Remote. It sorts the DVD listing alphabetically. Except this guy did not support uploading the TV lising (Boooo!)

When I start the "Watch a DVD" activity (which starts up the Sony DVP) I have the remote programmed to pause for 20 seconds then send a Stop command, this brings DVP to the Standby screen at start up (simple enough).

I previously had it setup to send a Stop command then Folder command which put me in the Disc Explorer screen. The problem was that when the Sony DVP is in Disc Explorer mode the commands are different than when in StandBy mode and when you load a disc from the DVD listing on the remote the remote sends the commands and the DVP tries to load the active disk from the Disc Explorer screen. (Not good.)

At this point we don't even use the Sony Disc explorer. We search the remote for the DVD and load it from there. When I get a new DVD I update the DVD spreasheet I created and reload it back to the remote via Logitech's website.

I was kinda frustrated when I first got the Sony DVP CX-995V (after reading the negative posts) but the Harmony remote was able to tame the Sony so I am happy with the purchase for now at least.

The Harmony 880 remote is NOT perfect and I'm still working out the kinks in it but at a minimum my family can run the MegaChanger without trouble. I don't have little ones (anymore) so we don't really need the pics like the Pronto.

I hope this helps.

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