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Post 10 made on Monday January 2, 2006 at 19:06
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January 2006
Hello all,
I have just bought that DVD changer I have ever had but beware guys as there are a few anomalies with it..

Now admittedly most of the problems are just the differences between this and past Sony machines but I found a problem that caused me 21 hours of H.E.LL ..

So here I was, it was unboxed and installed and now I had to start loading the thing almost to capacity I might add (350 DVDís) and I knew that I had to start labeling and adding them to various categories and folders but this was easy with the DVD cases in front of me and it only took about 5 hours.

Now for the problem... I turned the machine on a couple of days ago to show it off to a friend and it locked up. So what did I do? The same thing that any other man would do, I started pressing buttons, stop, pause, open door, and on and on I went..

Then I turned it off and then back on again... GONE!!! everything was gone all I had were 350 question marks so the machine had lost its memory of all my work and I have just spent 21 hours re-doing them all over, but this time without the cases handy, cause lets face it they all got tossed in a box.

So what I had to do was sit and watch the first few seconds (sometimes minutes) of each movie to see what was what and of course I knew about 75 percent but then there were those movies that play for about 15 minutes before they start to put anything on the screen, normally not bad but in this case it was .... Well you get the Idea...

So on finishing I realized that I had just gone through my HD Tivo finding hidden codes and switches that are built in but the manufacturer either doesnít want you to know about them of perhaps they are just flukes of programming, either way if this Sony has a MASS DISTRUCT sequence it would have been nice of them to tell me DO NOT touch these buttons in this order or it DELETES everything which is what happened.

Well, thatís my story, sorry for going on but I was both wondering if this has happened to anyone else and also wanted to warn any unsuspecting owners of the Sony DVP-CX995V

Oh yeah, Happy New year to you all.

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