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Post 6 made on Friday October 27, 2023 at 06:47
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March 2007
Still using my 990s and 980s - I prefer them to the internet connected remotes - or interconnected anything - such as harmony (I keep a harmony to learn discrete IR codes for new stuff then learn the codes on the prontos). I bought a few of ebay some years ago when they were cheap so that I have spares if I need them.

My X10 all went about 10yrs ago. I currently use Zigbee devices attached to a Home-Assistant (a rasberry pi) with a Zigbee dongle. The whole house has either Zigbee bulbs or Zigbee switches.

I also have an RFXCOM receiver attached to the Home-Assistant that picks up RF from my Pronto and so I can use the pronto X-10 RF codes to automate stuff from the handset. This is easier with the European devices as the prontos use 433Mhz like most RF controllers of the time.

A lot of equipment is moving to bluetooth remotes but everything I have still has IR in it so can be Pronto controlled.

I am messing around with a Pi Zero, touch screen and LIRC to see if I can make something that will read the Pronto pcf files (which are zipped XML and relatively simple to understand) and mimic a pronto before adding in TCPIP and bluetooth so that I can make a modern device that works like I'm used to. That is slow going since there is no urgency or need for it, and I like everybody else I'm sure has real life stuff intrude.

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