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Post 238 made on Friday April 1, 2022 at 16:51
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I fell victim to the upgrade issue last week after reloading the software during a computer upgrade/changeover. I hadn't used the software for quite some time for my 2 MX-900s because I haven't added any new equipment to the systems.

Blocking the sign-in mystified me, so I did what any knowledgeable guy with a universal remote would do. I came back to Remote Central and the smart, helpful guys that hang out here. Sure enough, a solution(s) was figured out. After finding and pounding through this thread, I deleted the contents of the url.ini file and copied the URCFrame.exe file from the old computer & replaced it on the new one. Didn't block anything since I don't know how to do that. Solution worked great. I am using version 4.0.1106.7.

URC looks to have decided on employing a going out of business strategy with this inane approach. Looks like they did a SixSigma project to answer the question - what is the fastest way to annoy my customer base, drive them away and put myself out of business?

Given the price of the remotes to begin with, the software should be included. Or at least made available, even for a modest cost. Installers will still need to do programming for the less tech capable among us, but otherwise, the folks who can do their own programming, will do it. Their solution can only have the effect of having people find alternatives to their products that they otherwise would probably not lose. And lose them in large numbers. If it is my business, I am trying to figure out how to sell as many products as I can, not cut the people off at the knees who DID buy my products. I don't get it. Probably being driven by some knot-head sitting in a corner office that listens only to the small voice inside his own head. The whole episode has triggered a "find an alternative" response for me. Too bad really.

My actual reasons to post were to add a bit to the "solution works" piece, but mostly to offer my thanks to the folks who figured his all out for this community. You guys are absolute treasures.

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