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Post 185 made on Saturday September 11, 2021 at 08:12
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September 2021
I just followed the instructions on blocking CCP components in the firewall.

It worked to block server connection. Thanks! Great suggestion.

I did a live update yesterday & got the message that soon you'll need the portal login. I called tech support to clarify what's going on and admit I unloaded on the person. They also couldn't tell me how this would work or when it will be required. Not great help.

So I registered, got a password but what comes next isn't clear. That's when I decided to do the firewall block for now just in case they reneg on the access issue. I don't trust this company anymore. Even after logging into the portal, I'm still not sure how this impacts my current installation on laptop, if it does at all. The intended process is clear as mud. I do see where I can download CCP now, manuals etc. But the version that is downloaded is older than the version that's on my PC so I'm confused.

I have even older versions of the software backed up to NAS. I'm unsure what downloading a 3.9.xx version is supposed to accomplish when the latest is 4.11.xx?

I've probably spent close to $4K+ over the years on their products for personal use, all from legit dealers and before I bought a MX6000, I got my 1st copy of CCP from URC themselves, for FREE! They were handing out FREE discs at 2010-2011 CEDIA. So if they were willing to give it away 10 yrs ago AND let their dealers decide to provide the software to end users, WTF are they trying to accomplish now? Seems like all they will accomplish is make current end users angry.

While I like their products, I think URC as a company leaves a lot to be desired. They really don't act in a consistent manner to dealers & certainly not end users. I've been tempted to sell all my gear out and go Control4. The only thing that prevents me from doing that is I can do all my programming myself with URC.

The other thing that bugs me is URC doesn't keep the products around long. I had the MX6000 only several years and it was discontinued, same with the MSC400, along with all that Lutron lighting gear they promoted. Really smart to orphan people investing in a URC ecosystem, builds great long-term clients to keep coming out with things then abandoning them. Sheesh.

URC really can't seem to figure out their market, what sandbox to play in or how to build customer loyalty.

I can say with near 100% certainty that I will not buy any of their products again. When my gear ever decides to quit or I have problems accessing CCP, then I will make that change.

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