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Post 20 made on Sunday July 25, 2021 at 03:21
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June 2011
OK, so, I am fully invested in this remote. Nothing today even comes close. Especially when it comes to IR universal remotes. The build quality and level of control with this remote is unparalleled. Therefore, I jumped through some major hoops to make it all work. After all these years, I'm simply not ready to move away from it.

The remote is like a tank so, if you're able to update it, it would last decades. I am going to give you the secret I use to be able to work with the remote on today's operating systems. The secret is... are you ready for this... everyone stand back... it is Oracle VirtualBox with a copy of Windows XP. Don't have a copy of XP? Do a google search. If you install Virtualbox and passthrough the USB connection to the virtual operating system, install the drivers from the universal remote folder in program files, it will work like an absolute champ. You can update it over and over again with no issues at all.

URC is a failing company. They are dying by the second because of their inability to create the prosumer level remotes that everyone is asking for. Sucks to be them really, but also, sucks to be us as alternative (Logitech) remotes barely last a year under normal usage and fetch hundreds of dollars while failing to meet even the simplest of universal remote features. Such as, being able to control timing, IR burst length, equipment power states etc... I have numerous MX-810 remotes and they are all wonderful.

I'm talking about a simple universal remote with awesome features for the average joe that is NOT wealthy. Yeah, that statement is pointed at you Control4 integrators. I care far too much about my money to hire an integrator for my system. Paying someone by the hour to learn your entire system and create macros to operate it is, well, a rich man's game. These guys want a minimum of $125-175+ an hour and, in the end, they still can't make my system work 100% without glitches or missing features.

Do yourself a favor, fire up an old laptop or download Virtualbox, install Windows XP, and install this remote into it. You will be able to run this for years. Even if/when URC goes down. They will for sure unless they get their act together.

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