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Post 65 made on Monday October 14, 2013 at 12:32
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February 2006
Hi everyone. Just bought a new R40 and it now is "my favorite remote". It is replacing an old Harmony one that I have hated along with its computer programming interface ever since I got it. I started with Sony RM-AV2100 then Mx-500 which I really liked until a couple of buttons quit responding. Next was a ProntoNEO then the Harmony One then a Philips Prestigo 8215/17 until button failure then back to the Harmony one.

I ordered an R40 a couple of weeks ago, had major problems with the learning then found out about the firmware version 1.15 learn problem. I called URC, got a RGA and sent it back. The new one was back in about a week. An interesting thing about the new one is that it will not show you the firmware version number.

I edited my old MX500 worksheet and after a couple of days of playing and tweaking it is now the only remote in the living room. I setup all blank devices and learned every key from old remotes. This was actually fun and easy.

I setup a macro on each device to turn the correct devices on/off and switch to the correct inputs.

Everything about the remote is really nice, however there are a couple of things that if changed would make it much better.

There is no single "FAV" button and that is probably because URC used the "plastic" from one of their other remotes when designing the R40 and there wasn't a button that could be used as a dedicated "FAV". New plastic molds are very expensive and I'm sure they are watching the bottom line.

I use the FAVs only with DirecTv and since they only work in the MAIN window I would be switching back and forth between MAIN and the directv and that would be a big hassle. To fix this, inside he directv device, I programmed the FAV buttons to the RGYB keys on the DirecTv remote then since I had only 4 LCD buttons (pwr-on, pwr-off, menu, and aspect to adjust the TV zoom) I put my favorites on the first 4 lcd screens and the 5th screen has the 4 Directv controls. This works fine and the favorites are always there. It would be nice if URC had given us the network logos for any of the lcd buttons. From a previous post I saw somewhere, I swapped the lcd "list" and the hard key "menu" buttons so the list function would always be available. That was a very good idea.

The System power off button only works from the main screen so I had to put a macro on it inside each device to turn things off. Small picky thing and no biggie but I am trying to make it so my wife can operate things.

I have a few other things that I am going to try with the FAV keys but overall this is a really good little remote.

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