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Post 75 made on Friday August 9, 2013 at 18:23
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March 2004
On February 17, 2013 at 05:52, Azathoth said...
Personally, I love tinkering with my own gadgets and figuring out things for myself. With Pronto pretty much gone, that's left me looking for something to replace it when mine finally dies.

When your Pronto finally dies I recommend purchasing another one used on EBay. The Philips Pronto Professional TSU9x00 remotes and RFX9x00 extenders will be available used online for many years to come. Just yesterday in fact I purchased a RFX9600 serial extender for $100 shipped! Heck, I purchased not so long ago a mint condition Pronto TSU7500 and RFX6500 extender and the Pronto NG line was discontinued a couple years after the introduction of the Pronto Professional line best I can recall. The fact that the Pronto is no longer being made doesn't change anything for the DIY'r unless it's more important to you to purchase new rather than used which I personally have never understood, but there are those people out there. My first Pronto TSU9600 lasted for 6 years or so and that was a test unit provided to me by Philips when the beta testing started for the Pronto Professional line. It received some serious use over those 6 years, the hard buttons and touch screen still in perfect operational condition, no wear of any kind up until the point something finally gave out internally. I now have 3 TSU9600's for each zone of my home and RFX9x00 extenders at each equipment location connected to my home network over ethernet. Have a duplicate setup packed away just in the event years down the road I need to replace something. Now obviously the Pronto line is no longer a viable option if you make a living selling and programming remotes. I only do so on the side as a means to supplement my income and because I enjoy the work. That being said, if a customer wants to purchase a used Pronto remote and extender I'm more than happy to charge for my time and best of all, will actually enjoy the time I have to spend programming the system in the process.

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