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Post 3 made on Monday March 11, 2013 at 00:50
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On March 8, 2013 at 03:02, tinsnow said...
Here are my questions.

1) The Front Blaster of the MRF-260 does not control all my devices in the Cabinet. My old RF Basestation from logitech was doing much better. Is the Front Blaster not good in MRF-260. If yes, is the MRF-350 front blaster better?

2) Any suggestion of a very powerful front IR emitter where I can use it far from the projector

3) How do professional installers work on projectors? Take an IR emitter to the projector? I keep one pointed at it from far away

4) Why the heck is URC not releasing a basestation which sends crazy IR signals all around like the logitech one? I have to keep using many emitters because of this and keep them pointed to the device which it is seeing. (Point 1 emitter to projector, point one emitter to the screen, keep rest of them near the devices.)

1. -  Your best bet is to buy a pack of IR emitters and place them on the IR windows of each piece of equipment.  It will be much more reliable than trying to use the front blaster to control the equipment in the cabinet.
The MRF350 is a better unit because you get 2 more IR ports, all assignable, and they can all be adjusted for sensitivity versus only 2 ports on the 260.  The biggest advantage of the 350 though is the ability to move the RF antenna away from the equipment.  The 260's antenna is obviously on the base and it is easier to pick up interference from say a cable box or power cords.

2. - You really do not want to do this as you are finding out.

3. - Yes, absolutely wire an emitter to your projector.  I prefer to pull off the sticky tape that is on them and hot glue them in place.  It is much more reliable and you shouldn't have to worry about the emitter falling off.  The nice thing about hot glue is that if you need to pull off the emitter you still can.

4. - The base stations work exactly as they are intended to work.  You are not using the emitters as they are intended to work which is causing your issues. 

Good luck.  Let us know if your issues are resloved after you set up your IR emitters correctly. 
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