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Post 2 made on Friday March 8, 2013 at 05:52
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On 1362729770, tinsnow said...

3) How do professional installers work on projectors? Take an IR emitter to the projector? I keep one pointed at it from far away


IR emitters are almost entirely all designed to be placed (aka glued down) on the IR receiving window of the equipment you wish to control. You need to extend the emitter using cat5 or 22/2 or similar to the projector. Or settle for the IR from the MX remote bouncing off the front wall. Attempting to shoot 10' across a room with an emitter is, well, unreliable at best. Same with just leaving them lying around in the cabinet.

4) Why the heck is URC not releasing a basestation which sends crazy IR signals all around like the logitech one? I have to keep using many emitters because of this and keep them pointed to the device which it is seeing. (Point 1 emitter to projector, point one emitter to the screen, keep rest of them near the devices.)

As for the front blaster, I almost always disable it. The IR emitters are designed to send small and precise amounts of IR just where you need it. This, combined with the URC base station's IR routing, allows control of rooms like, say, a gym, where you could have 2 TVs and 2 cable boxes that are the exact same model. With an IR emitter on each piece of equipment you can control the two systems separately and not interfere with the other unit. If you need more IR ports, you can splice emitters (in series ... see Ernie about that) or get another base station.

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