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Post 14 made on Sunday December 2, 2012 at 19:02
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On December 2, 2012 at 11:35, goldenzrule said...

I too used to build my macros with the MX900 Editor and then move the buttons. It worked fine. With CCP, that is not the case. However, it really is not a big issue. How often are you aliasing commands from lets say, a cable box? Not sure about others, but I place my TV, receiver, and other devices that a client does not need access to on a hidden page. The layout of the buttons in these devices are a non-issue, as the client never sees them. What the client sees is the Cable Box pages, BDP pages... These pages will typically contain no buttons or codes that are aliased anywhere.

I am coming for 850's and 900's and trying to figure out the best way to work in CCP. So, thanks for your comment. I was just surprised that I could not move commands if they were aliased to. Now that I know that, I can work out an efficient way to not move commands, if necessary

This remote is for someone who is more than a casual user and may want to sometimes use buttons that are not commonly used on some of the devices. So, rather than hiding the original pages on some devices, I just arrange the pages so that the common commands are on page 1, but they still have access to the other pages. I suppose I can create a device that is pretty much a copy of the original device using aliases and hide the original device. Then I can move any commands on the copied pages as needed. I originally moved buttons because this is a new receiver (NAD 757) to me and I did not realize that some of the commands (like the A/V presents) might be useful sometimes. Plus, some of the layouts in the database have related commands (like the Input commands) scattered around the pages and even aliasing to them is tedious. Now I will rearrange them from the start.

I usually do not hide any devices for these people. I just make they harder to access, like putting them on page 2 of Main 2, or something like that. Then they can use them if the wish, but the casual user will problem never stumble on them. I would not do that for a casual user, but do for more knowledgeable users.

Thanks for you comment.

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