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Post 60 made on Friday September 7, 2012 at 13:30
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My bad, E., English is my 3rd language! I meant having TWO URC-300 (one in each of those two locations) for VIDEO sources/purposes only and clone BETWEEN THEM, then TWO RF20 (w/ same FCC ID so it doesn't happen what, effectively, you cited and they communicate fine with each other) for our few AUDIO components ONLY (again, 1 in the family room and the other in the bedroom) so I can clone ONE RF20 TO THE OTHER too. No crossed-cloning was planned at any moment, "300 to 20" or viceversa, I know the limitations. Maybe if you reread my posting again you'll see 'clearly now' what I was thinking and I am planning to do. Yes, awkward for some, TWO remotes in each place, like that. It should work out fine for me, the wife and the teenager still in the house. We can't afford to spend a small fortune at this moment just to add a couple of devices to our nearly-full 300s. 15 + 10 = 25, minus 2 or 3 devices (for the repeated amps, Rx and maybe the TV in all the remotes) still is > 20 devices, more than enough 'forever' for us. Anyway, the lady still prefers to use the DirecTV remote when she just watches TV and I let her do it so it saves wear & tear on the URCs. Also, having an RF20 for all audio listening will further extend the 300's life a bit, a lot maybe since I listen to my music and Internet music and news in English, French and Spanish quite often (RF20 then)! I teach my URCs 100%, no numerical codes, ever. I have a cheap ($15 new at Kmart some time ago) Harmory 300 that I use exclusively to get the discretes for my components (those that have them), and an old Sony universal that learns whatever I throw at it also in case I can't teach something directly to the big URCs, it's happened, with the 300 in particular. Thanks for your participation, Edmund. We 'talked' before, a few years ago, precisely when I got the 300s and I asked a couple of ? here in RC and you cut in and helped out.

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