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Post 59 made on Thursday September 6, 2012 at 19:42
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April 2002
On September 6, 2012 at 17:19, J.J. said...
Thanks, clotter. I called URC this afternoon. The R40 can't clone either, I was assured. The representative pointed me to the MX-450 since at least with that model (R50 'pro') you can save your configuration and then download it later on if needed to another 450. No R40 for me then with my special (cloning) need. Too bad, I liked the rest, macro revisions, moving soft functions, nice extra 4 color keys... I don't/can't use RF, too many of the same stuff around the house, no brainer for me that. My URC-300 clones remote-to-remote, cool. I will probably get a couple of cheap RF20 (w/o the RF modules) for the audio-only part of my oh-so-similar-HT-setups and readjust the 300's for video purposes only. The 300 (15-devices) & the RF20 (10-devices) are near twins in the buttons department, all operations, plus the RF20 can clone too! I count around 20 remote-controllable devices in the family room now and 17 or 18 in the master bedroom (what a nice wife I have!), most of them identical models, that's why I want a cloning-capable remote. I will just have to duplicate a couple of devices like my amps/receivers in the RF20 so I can redo my (audio) macros as before with the 300 only. Anyway, going off topic, "R40", sorry, bye.

You can't clone urc-300 to a Rf20, nor a urc-200 to a Rf20. Even some Rf20's won't clone to another rf20.

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