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Post 30 made on Wednesday January 18, 2012 at 10:24
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November 2011
(reposted from R50 thread)

On January 2, 2012 at 10:45, RandyWalters said...
We should probably continue the R40-specific discussions in the R40 thread so as not to dilute the R50 content:


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. My original question was about features on a number of remotes, including the R50, so could have been considered "on topic" in the other thread, but now that I'm leaning more toward the R40, the discussion should move here.

One point I've noticed on the R40 is the "My Favorites" buttons. I originally thought these were just the standard colored buttons seen on other remotes, and I could use them to store additional macros. I now see that they have been labeled with favorite channel categories "Sports", "Music", "Movies" and "News". This seems a bit odd, considering it's being marketed as "My Favorite Remote". These categories may be somebody's favorites, but they're certainly not mine. What if I want "Educational", "Sci-Fi", "Porn" and "Reality" instead? What if I have some other way of organizing my favorites, or want to use the buttons for something else entirely? It seems a bit odd that a "universal" remote would impose this kind of arbitrary organization scheme on users. Can these buttons be used for something else, or are they only for favorites? If they are just for favorites, I'll probably use different categories than theirs, so I guess I'll find out how durable the lettering is on the labels. Does anyone have more information on what you can and can't do with these buttons?

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