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Post 12 made on Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 11:54
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El gran chico you are right, I had to stop reading more otherwise I would end up in the local midday news, lol. This is just 2 comments by Steven Guiton , CBC Chief Regulatory Officer.

But Guiton said that, while the CBC is facing some financial restrictions for the transition, that isnt the only issue.

The other issue is recognizing that over-the-air, as a television technology, isnt what it used to be. Its no longer the most important way that Canadians get their service, he said.
And I say:
Mr Guiton , you are right , it is not what it used to be , it is way better now! and more important even more needed now during this tough economic times.

Another example from Mr DTH BDU I mean Mr Guiton:

Even if we had the finances, we would be hard-pressed to spend so much money on one single technology, a technology that, to be honest, is on the decline, when we have to make investments in all these other technologies, Guiton said by phone.

Were definitely not asking for government funding, and if new funding were to come along Im not sure wed be using it for over-the-air.

Where are the elections to elect the people running the CBC I wonder?. Have they acctually forgotten that the CBC and RDS are first and foremost an OTA station and therefore were issued a license to use Canadian owned RF spectrum?. Have they forgotten they have profitted for over 60 years from the use of this spectrum? When did these people forgot that online, BDU's and whatever else gets invented , although welcomed, are acctually a consecuence of them being an OTA station first!. They should then give up on their OTA license and then apply for a cable premium channel or specialty channel then!

Like I said I had to stop reading the full article available here at [Link:]

See if you are canadian enough to finish reading it without vomiting!. I am certainly not!.

But at the end of the day , we are the guilty ones , not them the regulators and engineers. We are the ones who choose to watch a lower quality HD HNIC every saturday via our cable or sat pay tv provider (and even in some cases show it off to our neighborgs) rather than at least for 1 single game give a call to your local CBC and ask them for an explanation as to why your family or friends who live in Barrie or Moncton or London or any oher of the probably hundreds of comunities have no access to the national hockey game anymore. No we do not do that , why would we, I guess that would be un-Canadian.

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