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Post 6 made on Tuesday September 20, 2011 at 11:03
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Wow! I consider myself extremely good finding and processing info and had a hard time find it on the tv stations website. After complaining about the CBC website (now there is no big link to digital tv , it is just a very tiny thing at the bottom) I could not even find the info for Global digital!. I guess they removed it all together!.

Well like NFASTRO said if you live in the North section of Barrie the thing those not hold well for you , because as per "the criminals" at the CBC, Barrie will be served by a transmitter located over 100 km away , CBLT CBC Toronto at the CN Tower that is. They even recognize that they can only serve viewers in the south section of Barrie (but I would assume they still drive the same cars and use the computers no?). Funny thing is , in a society that claims itself and tells the world it is a free one that enjoys wide spread communications and free press, them How come is it possible then even hardcore OTA fans like me that insanely talks a discuss about this on forums do not evebn heard of this subpar or reduced Barrie CBC coverage!. If the CBC is using CN Tower signals tö underserve (they even have the nerve to type serve on their website) then more likely Global is using its Toronto transmitter as well.

If back in Cuba we used to say that Havana is Cuba and the rest is just green grass (to reflect the fact that almost everything only works in havana ad the rest is underserved) I think the same can be applied here. It would not surprise me that cases like this (big cities that had analog coverage but now no digital) do exist a lot. Hey reporters!, there is hot news to be reported here, becasue this acctually classifies is information (new, wide interest). How come we do not see them being reported!.

Democracy and free press, my cuban ass!!!, lol. I am under the impression that I have become communist now after leaving in Canada for so long, lol!.

To summarize:

Contact Global since there is no info available on their website
Make sure you do not have a highrise bulding in the distance (CN tower path) or hills tall enough to obstruct or reduce CN tower signals
Get an outdoor UHF antenna like the 8 bay CM 4228 (CTV 2 is VHF ch 10 but it is so close and relatively powerfull that it will work) pointed to CN Tower as high to clear nearby obstructions (trees, buildings). It cost around 100 cad.
Use your converter box (they perform well typically) and scan again or manually add ch 20 (CBLT HD 5.1), no need for a new TV.

You mention you have a rotor antenna , assuming it is the rotor/amplifier/antenna altogether kind of system , then stay away from it since their amp is not that good and the antenna either (besides your local CTV 2 will likely overload it. See it as a investment and considering the cable TV savings get something high quality. No need for a rotor more likely BTW, and amps should be used if long cable runs or feeding several TV's , although being the CN tower signals (not the high powerd buffalo ones) you might have to add it later to improve signal and the good ones like Channel Master cost around 95-100 cad. Let your wife pay the taxes , she wil take care of it and a lot more I hope, lol.

There are lots of Knowleadgeable people here , some of them with industry experience or background, some even more usefull since they live in Barrie or closeby , so keep us updated , we will gladly help. It might take 200 cad or more , but beleive me you wil get your glorious HNIC in better digital format on saturday nights for free but for full HD experience then you need a new HD TV.

BTW I am interested to hear what the MP and local engineers has to say.

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