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Post 7 made on Saturday July 3, 2010 at 00:30
Daniel Tonks
Wrangler of Remotes
October 1998
Well, it looks like Sony has given up designing or at least programming their own remotes... this feels more like a UEI implementation with all the stupid 3-digit setup codes (up to and including the previous RM-VL610 Sony was far more intuitive in operation).

At any rate, I have managed to get my sample to learn without issue.

1) Press SET for 3 seconds.
  - after 3 second the SET light will come on.

2) While continuing to hold SET (don't release it), press the OK button.
  - the SET light will now stay on when you release both keys.
  - you cannot simply press SET and OK for 3 seconds, it has to be SET by itself and THEN add OK.

3) Press 9-8-8.
  - the SET LED will blink on each number entered.
  - after the third number the SET LED will blink 3 times.
  - if you enter something wrong the SET LED will simply go out.

4) Press the device key to learn a button on.
  - both the SET LED and device LED will remain lit.

5) Press the target button to learn on.
  - the SET LED will blink once as you push the target key, but nothing else will appear to happen.
  - it is not necessary to erase a button before relearning it.

6) Aim the source remote at the front of the RM-VLZ620 and press and HOLD the original source button until the SET LED blinks 3 times.
  - if the set LED blinks once the code was NOT captured. It must blink 3 times.
  - after a command is learned the device LED will go out, but the SET LED will remain on.
  - if you fail to send a signal in time, both LEDs will simply go out and you'll have to start over.

7) To learn another button, repeat steps 4 through 6.

The timeout is VERY short on this remote, so if the SET LED ever goes out you will have to start over at step #1.

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