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How can I motivate my child to learn?

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Support your child's hobbies
If your child likes to do something (sports, drawing, music or dancing), support them. Provide a good environment for them to do what they like - take your son or daughter to a club or section, or organise a place for them to do it at home. Praise and encourage your child for their achievements.

If he does not like one activity and wants to try something new - do not interfere. Allow him or her to find, discover and develop his or her talents. Motivate your child to learn and do what they like. Children who are passionate about something are usually better learners than those who do nothing.

Don't focus on grades
Some parents just want their child to get the best grades. They are not interested in learning, but in getting good grades. What's wrong with this approach? By focusing on grades, you distort a child's motivation. He begins to learn not for knowledge, but for "A's".

Children, scolded by their parents for bad grades, worry about every "B", and "C" in general becomes a tragedy. Such children are in constant tension, often begging the teachers for "A's", pressing for pity. They don't care how well they know the subject, they just want the cherished number "5" in their diary.

Therefore, shift the focus from marks to real knowledge. Praise your child not for the "A's", but for the effort he puts into it. If your child is upset by a bad grade, console him. Tell him that he will succeed next time, if he puts in the hard work.

Take an interest in your child's progress at school
Take a genuine interest in what your child is doing at school. Ask how he/she is doing, what new things he/she has learned, what interesting things were happening in class. Discuss with your son/daughter what he or she has learned and how the new knowledge can be applied in life.

Tell your son/daughter about your school years and which subjects you enjoyed and which you were not. Become a faithful companion and a wise mentor who is always there to help and support them.

Organise their workspace
If your child doesn't have a normal learning environment at home, their grades will suffer. Make sure he has a place where he can do his homework without being disturbed. A separate room could be a good idea. If he is doing his homework in the common room, turn off the TV and try not to make any noise when he is studying. Do not allow younger siblings to disturb or distract your pupil.

Coasters and magnetic whiteboards to help your pupil.

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