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User Name:Dunton
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About Me:Speaking of here, Narcissus seems very sad, but I will not pay attention to Narcissus because I want to bet again that I do not believe that this skill will not have weaknesses, rather than being consumed to death, it is better to die in the hands of a powerful Boss. So he continued to rush forward quickly, and the blue light was still following me. Finally, the Ghost Poison King is right in front of us. However, I was also ready to attack the blood around the blade fell heavily on the purple halo, only to hear a bang, I was shaken out. Suddenly, the damage of -3o86 floated out of the head in an instant. I was scared out of a cold sweat, and my mother was so shocked that I lost more than 3ooo blood. What Narcissus said was not wrong, but seeing my blood and blood suddenly dropped so much blue light, he was surprised and quickly gave me blood. At this time, Narcissus finally came to my side. "You stand back." Listening to the tone of Narcissus, it seems that she is going to use some skills. So he immediately stepped back a distance of 10 yards. As soon as he stood firm, a blue lightsaber collided heavily with the purple halo,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and the explosion sounded again and again. The skills of the Ghost Poison King were finally interrupted at this moment and an astronomical damage number-675234-floated out of his head. Damn it. It's so powerful to kill more than 60 million Qi and blood at once. However, Blue Light and I are not at all gratified by such damage. The Hp energy bar of the Ghost Poison King shows no sign of decreasing. Shit, it only means that one sentence is more perverted than the other. At this time, I stood on the same front with Blue Light and Swordsman Master Narcissus, ready to accept the powerful attack. In an instant, the Ghost Poison King rushed towards us quickly,Kava Root Extract, and Narcissus also brandished her sword to fight with the Ghost Poison King. And I can only find the opportunity to sneak attack. The blue light is pulling blood for me in the back. Here's your chance. Finally, when the Ghost Poison King was avoiding the Narcissus attack, I stabbed it heavily in the neck-63. I rely on 60 points of damage? What is the concept at this time? I ran away without breaking the defense, but at the moment I ran, I was also hit-3982. Seeing such an injury, I did not hesitate to use the drunken dream to pull blood, and the blue light kept waving the staff to treat me quickly. My degree is definitely not as good as the ghost poison king, which is slowly approaching me. At this time, my Qi and blood are less than 2ooo. If I get hit again, I'm dead. So he immediately turned a corner, but fortunately the attack failed. The Narcissus kept attacking the Ghost Poison King from behind, but somehow it completely ignored me and still attacked me. It seems that we have to try to escape. But this time definitely can't attack, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, this guy's attack is too strong, and the defense is also so abnormal, not my current strength can contend with, I try to hold the ghost poison king to let the swordsman master Narcissus to attack. Chapter 37 The Ultimate God of War, the Rebirth of the Sword Demon (III) Sure enough, under my continuous turn to escape, the attack of the ghost poison king almost failed every time, and the blood-red eyes constantly scattered evil spirit. I can't wait to eat me, but the daffodils are constantly destroying the life value of the Ghost Poison King, but unfortunately the power of the Ghost Poison King is unimaginable. Narcissus attack is so powerful, in this 15 minutes of time is only to destroy the ghost of the blood of the king. However, at this time, my escape attempt was finally completely broken by a skill of the Ghost Poison King. Ding ~ System: "Boss Ghost Poison King has enabled the skill Land of the Dead.". Skill range 2oox2oo yards All players in this skill range have all their stats reduced by 30% and lose Qi and blood per second. The amount of Qi and blood lost depends on the player's attributes, and the skill lasts for 12 seconds. After I wait for the system prompt to finish, my various attributes have all dropped, and the loss of 22o points of Qi and blood per second is really terrible. Blu-Ray is already in a hurry and I can't take care of that. Run away while pulling blood. But now I can't escape from the ghost poison king, although there are daffodils attacking the ghost poison king. But it's not a bird at all. Narcissus didn't do it. Now it's on its own. Magic sword concussion. Boom Magic Sword concussion after the use of the skills of light fumigation rendering the entire East Gate of the light of blood, a ripple in the body of the Ghost Poison King exploded-684568776892.
Looking at my skill damage, I was amazed that my attack could not break the defense of the Ghost Poison King at all, but why could the skill destroy so much Qi and blood? Finally, when I was wondering, I suddenly saw that there was a state on the head of the Ghost Poison King, and the defense was reduced by 5oo%. I am dizzy at this time who is so kind to give the ghost poison king such a perverted skill at this time? There seems to be hope. However, Narcissus can almost now knock out nearly 150 thousand Qi and blood damage of Ghost Poison King, which is really satisfying. But just when I was happy, a system prompt sounded again. Ding ~ System: "Boss Ghost Shadow Poison King has enabled the skill Ghost Dance Fen Shen.". Turn yourself into 7 illusions to confuse the enemy. Illusion without any attributes lasts for 6 OO seconds. Then I saw the black shadow turned into 8 in an instant. Which one is true? And these illusions attack me with the real body of the Ghost Poison King, so I can't see through it. Yes, just now the system said that the illusion has no attributes. It seems that we have to try it first. So I quickly stepped back to attack the eight ghost poison kings, but each time I attacked the illusion. After hitting the illusion, it turned into white smoke and disappeared with a bang. However, in less than two seconds, the illusion appeared again. It was really a headache. Ding ~ System: "The player's Blu-ray has enabled the skill Nine Degrees Unreal Magic Soldier for 15 seconds." At this time, I saw a tall magic weapon landed beside me and began to assist me and Narcissus in the attack. Blue light is really smart, but he will be my savior when I am in the most difficult time. The magic soldier began to attack the ghost poison king crazily. Strange, really strange, why can the magic soldier hit the poisoned king every time? And every time I hit the illusion of knowledge? Is it race? Of course, the nine-degree unreal magic weapon is a god-level one, which can certainly see through the measurement of the poison king. And each time it deals more than 1ooo damage to the poison king,S Adenosyl Methionine, it is very considerable. Unfortunately, the time of this skill is too short, only 15 seconds.
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