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About Me:Zhang Liang shook his head slowly and said to Master Liao in a low voice. Master Liao raised his head with a wry smile on his face: "Lao Zhang, you are also the vice president of our Gambling Stone Association. Do you still need to ask such a basic question?"? Even if it is a pit out of the wool, how high is the probability of two pieces of the same color jade? Not to mention the ocean blue. "That's what I thought. Isn't there two pieces of ocean blue?" Zhang Liang smiled shyly, Lao Liao shook his head again, but in his heart he sighed, looking at Li Yang's calcite was really exciting, not to mention Zhang Liang, even he himself had such an idea, but it was suppressed by his reason. Even out of two pieces of ocean blue, it is estimated that only Li Yang can solve such a result, to solve such two pieces in a large gambling stone trading venue may not be so shocking. But in this place, almost all inferior gambling stones, can solve two such gambling stones, can almost be said to be a miracle. Li Yang has put down the cutting machine and set up the grinding wheel, while Boss Niu is helping Li Yang fix the gambling stone. Seeing Boss Niu's busy appearance, Master Liao's heart inexplicably rose with a strong sense of jealousy. He regretted that he had just kept his reserve and had not rushed up to help. If he had grabbed the opportunity to help, the solution of the two pieces of ocean blue would not have contributed to him. The appearance of the second piece of ocean blue made the people around him talk about it, and with the identity of Li Yang's Jade Saint, everyone had more to talk about. There are also some people who were informed by friends and rushed from nearby. When they arrived, they couldn't wait to ask their friends about the details of the incident. After hearing all this,Pallet rack upright, these people all cried out with regret that they had not come earlier, so that they could see the wonderful process of Li Yang's calcite. The grinder turned, Li Yang aimed at the fog layer and rubbed it down. The harsh sound of rubbing stones could not overwhelm the comments of the people around him. Now it was as noisy as a vegetable market. Several Yunnan businessmen could only smile bitterly there, and their hearts continued to pray for Li Yang to cross. Gravel mixed with water constantly flowing down, the more the white fog layer of the gambling stone is wiped away, the clearer the emerald below appears, and the color of the pure and thick like the sea becomes more and more obvious. Clatter Li Yang suddenly moved the grinder to one side,Steel racking system, and Chang Sheng poured on the water that had been prepared earlier, and the small window surface that had just been wiped open was immediately revealed. Surrounded by people stretching their necks hard, the window is not big, at most only half the size of the palm, but the jade inside has been completely displayed. The charm of ocean blue is perfectly combined with the ice-like emerald, which radiates beautiful colors in the sunshine. Ice species, ocean blue. At this moment, all the people were silent, staring at the small window, ice and ocean blue, even those who had been calling for a big rise before, giving these businessmen a painful lesson, also had a feeling of disbelief. Zhang Liang, Liao Shifu's eyes are staring round, Warehouse storage racks ,Pallet rack beams, as a master of stone gambling, they have also solved the ice jadeite, but no one has solved the ice ocean blue such a high-grade jadeite, more understand the rarity of such jadeite. Clap, clap, clap. The people around finally reacted, one person began to applaud warmly, and then all the people spontaneously clapped their hands. There are still some people who can't see around, some smart people have begun to look for chairs or something to cushion their feet, and some people directly move the broken stones from the garbage dump next to them to cushion their feet. Master Liao, go, go, go. Chang Feng ran over and pulled Master Liao to squeeze out. Master Liao was surprised and looked at Chang Feng blankly. Quick, let's go out and buy firecrackers. With such a big rise, we should set off firecrackers to celebrate. Chang Feng laughed, Liao Shifu was stunned for a moment, looked back reluctantly, and finally followed Chang Feng to squeeze out together. This kind of big rise, really should buy firecrackers to celebrate, Bai Ming and Mao Lao they do not know gambling stone, do not know the habit of this aspect, can only be done by them. From this point of view alone, although Chang Feng is young, his brain is still very flexible.
As soon as Master Liao and Chang Feng left, someone immediately occupied their previous seats. The place where they were was the best place to observe the calcite. At this time, it was Zhang Liang who occupied Master Liao's seat. The departure of Chang Feng and Master Liao did not attract anyone's attention. Now everyone's mind was attracted by the ice ocean blue that Li Yang had solved. Those who could see it did not want to blink, while those who could not see it tried their best to see the scene of calcite inside. Inside, Li Yang looked with satisfaction at the window that had just been wiped open. This was the second piece of ocean blue emerald he had found here, the ice species ocean blue. Re-straighten the gambling stone, Li Yang continued to wipe the fog layer of wool, this gambling stone inside the jade is not big, only more than two kilograms of appearance, and Li Yang just solved the big piece of jade. After learning that the ice species ocean blue had been solved, the faces of the businessmen who set up the arena were all pale. The ice species ocean blue and the cyanine ocean blue were absolutely two different concepts. The harsh sound of the calcite machine sounded again, and the sound became beautiful music in the ears of the onlookers around. In less than ten minutes, the fog layer on the cut surface was wiped out by Li Yang, and the people around him became more excited. Although there is a saying that'rubbing up is not called up ', but at this time no one thought about it, now the calcite is Yusheng Li Yang, all people have an inexplicable confidence in Li Yang. The title of Yu Sheng is not called in vain. Li Yang set up the cutting machine again, and now the outline of the jade has come out, and it is much more convenient to cut it again. The knife slowly passed through the gambling stone, and the people around him kept talking and looking at the wool merchants in the arena from time to time. Just now they deliberately set a low price for the previous jade, but now this piece of jade,long span shelving, even if they set a lower price, is bound to be much higher than the value of the jade just now, see what else they can do. Crash.
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