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Personal Information
User Name:Brett DiMichele
Location:Wyano, PA U.S.A
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About Me:

Personal Information

Name:Brett DiMichele
Occupation: I.T Tech
Hobbies: Model Cars, Real Cars, Home Theater, Car Audio,Audio/Video

System Specifications

Pre/Pro:Onkyo TS-DX787 THX Select 6.1 (100WPC x 6CH@8Ohm)
Pre:Parasound Halo P3
Power Amp: Onkyo M-282 2 Channel W.R.A.T (100WPC@8Ohm)
Power Amp: Antique Sound Labs Wave 20DT 20 Watt Tube Monoblocks
DVD:Panasonic CV51 (5 Disk Carousel) DVD,MP3,VCD,CD-R,CD-RW,CD
TV:RCA 61" PiP Rear Projection W/3 Line Digital Comb and 900 line Horizontal Res

Front Stage Audio: Acoustic Research AR-9 Towers
Center Channel Audio:Acoustic Research AR4C
Rear Surround Audio: Acoustic Research PS216
Subwoofer(LFE)Audio:Stryke Audio AV12 2 Cubic Foot Sealed Enclosure
Subwoofer Amplifier: Bob Carver Sunfire TDC 500 Watt RMS
Interconnects:Acoustic Research,Monster Cable,Radio Shack
Remote Control: Phillips Pronto Pro TSU6000
X-10: IR543 Control of 2 Spider Lamps and 2 Table Lamps

User Statistics
Status:Founding Member
Registered:August 20, 2001
- Has been a member for 22 years, 6 months, 12 days.
Forum Posts:296
- An average of 0.3 posts per week.
Last Post:July 9, 2004 03:51
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