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User Name:JC1179
Location:NYC Metro
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About Me:Former event and club DJ/house music producer, turned investment banker - purchased tech, built things, invented things with friends and developed product line for an existing company that is soon to go to market. S12, 2 SS1s, multiple 6.4 Vias in wall and valet versions, 7" Via in wall, 60 in Elite Kuro, Elite SC-05, Canton fronts (phantom/Center), Polk in ceilings for rear and back. Temp Bed room surround set up. 22 Elan MM650 (looking to build in-ceilings soon based of coax speakers possibly?) for distributed audio - all rooms have Elan rotatory controls if Via isn't in and even if it is. Multiple Samsung LCDs 50-60" and another Kuro. ProTools based recording studio networked into the distribution, 1 set of Pioneer CDJs and a DJM in that room for live entertaining, 1 set of Technic 1200 and Rane TTM56 for real music entertainment - DJing with CDs isn't DJing. 1 Set of Technic 1200 mk5g Golds Limited Edition (won in DJ comp) in basement with TTM56 (can be distributed) and hand built/ discrete as possible Hi-fi loudspeaker system (eminence lab 15s - compression driven horns, hand built analog AB amps, all analog and wax only on this system - if you step to these techs you better have game or you get kicked out), powered JBLs for outside entertainment, soon to install outdoor handmade custom hifi multi location system. Theater current set up - Elite SC81, Triad Bronze LCRs (tweaked and hot rodded), Side and Rears), SVS SB13 Ultra (my God is it possible to get a better sub for the price??), custom seating hidden/ornate sound treatment and other tricks and products to be shown at CEDIA 2016 (hopefully). Elite BDP51, multiple PS3s for distributed AV from NASS, PS4, XBox360 (soon to be hacked), WII, Elan C2, Elite Kuro Projector. 8 CCTVs(expanding) and custom built and programmed offensive/defensive security. Building new system for the theater now...all driven by analog monoblocks from studio grade DACs from custom built player w integrated NASS - this is going to be bananas and nothing like it - at least 16 outs to support all Codecs, Atmos, NEO, etc. This room is sonically perfect, sound proof, decoupled, floated floor, stage and riser filled w sand, 24KT custom millwork, trick lighting and took me over 7 years building so far - I hardly have had to use heat in this room and we have rough winters and have yet to need AC - must be because off all the "stuffing" behind the walls and on the walls and ceiling. Once im done with the new system, it will be my pride and joy. Other remotes are 2 Harmony Ultimate Homes - Will most likely be returned - These are garbage how does something called the ultimate miss codes???? Harmony 900 probably best model they made - this and the 200 are the only models I owned that never missed a command. Ton of other source devices for fun and other projects in the works!
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