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IR Tool Modified
For: All Models
By: Dan Arnold
IR Tool originally written by Glenn Clapp and modified by Dan Arnold to work with John Fine's DecodeIR.DLL. A dialog box pops up with Protocol, Device, OBC and EFC. Once that box is closed the original code will decode the same hex file. Given that DecodeIR is much more current any conflicting information with the dialog box should be ignored. Requires the DecodeIR.DLL file, available separately.
Updated: June 15, 2003  Size: 18kb
For: All Models
By: Manuel Duarte
A utility to store your own IR codes in the ProntoEdit database. (Beta 0.9, Build 2)
Updated: June 29, 1999  Size: 886kb
For: All Models
By: Matt Rasmussen
Companion program to IRLite. It really saves time when you're looking for specific remotes, etc.
Updated: February 04, 2003  Size: 2.38mb
For: All Models
By: Tony Marona
Converts AMX IR Library files (.IRL) to Pronto hex code.
Updated: May 31, 2002  Size: 20kb
For: All Models
By: Joel Winarske
A Win32 command line utility that displays all functions of a Crestron IR file in the Pronto 0000 or 0100 format. It handles multi-codes and No Carrier functions.
Updated: April 25, 2004  Size: 19kb
For: All Models
By: John Fine
v5.0 Makes clean IR sequences from IR protocol files. See the readme file for more information.
Updated: January 03, 2008  Size: 55kb
For: All Models
By: Geoffrey Reynolds
v1.2 A utility for generating clean Pronto codes given information about the format of the codes. Complete source code is included for those who want to improve it on their own. To use the program, make sure the prontoutil.ini file is in your "Window" directory.
Updated: May 24, 2000  Size: 146kb
ProntoUtil Mod
For: All Models
By: Wayne Fox
Modified v1.2 This version optionally writes out a .CSF file of all the codes generated for a device code.
Updated: July 08, 2002  Size: 164kb
RC5 to Hex Conversion Tool
For: All Models
By: Dan Gray
Really a must have utility, converts RC5 to long hex, also fixes bad long hex with the built in validation tool. Got a code that doesn't work, or works intermitantly, just paste it into the utility and hit validatate, most of the time it will fix the code for you, so you can copy the repaired code out of the utility and paste it back into whatever programing application you are using.
Updated: December 30, 2009  Size: 208kb
Sony SIRC Code Generator
For: All Models
By: Espen Burud
v1.0 This program is an application which can be used to generate Sony SIRC Codes for use in Philips Pronto remote controls. The application is built for .NET Framework 3.5, so it's required. Feedback, improvement and enhancement suggestions can be sent to my email address.
Updated: June 01, 2009  Size: 41kb
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