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Home Logic UR362 Remote Control Review
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Home Logic UR362 Remote Control
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Even if you lose the manual, you probably wonít need it. All configuration on the remote is logical and easy to figure out. Plus, on the back of the remote where they usually put the model number, Home Logic thoughtfully placed a quick guide covering how to learn signals, record and use a macro, and clear settings. In daily use, the remote is quick to change devices and responds well to button presses. I found some of the learned signals were repeated longer than on the original remote, causing some lag when pressing the button repeatedly and reducing the amount of fine-tuning possible for such things as analog volume controls. However, this problem seems dependent on the particular device being controlled Ė others I programmed behaved exactly as on the original remote.

A final look...
The UR362 features dual IR emitters which work remarkably well. My rigorous test routine of wide angles, bouncing off portions of the room and transmitting through semi-opaque objects proved this remote deserves placement in the cream of the crop for transmission. The signal was sometimes erratic during the most severe tests Ė itís the first time one of my devices has sensed a command different from what was being transmitted. Although not the best, itís one of only a few which can pass the menacing "thick fluffy blanket" cover up test.

Home Logic UR362 Remote Control
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As mentioned earlier, the remote features a total of 68 buttons, 47 of them available to commands under each device. That is more than enough for almost all demanding components, including satellite receivers and DVD players. Many buttons include two printed labels, with some under the flip panel having a total of three. Regardless, a number of commands were not marked or arranged anywhere Ė for instance, DVD player menu controls. Although itís tempting to look to the volume and channel buttons for that purpose, thatís not what theyíre there for Ė at least not if you still want to control the volume. I would have hoped for a few of the "hidden" buttons to have permanently marked directional arrows, but that is not the case. Also missing from the "main" controls is a convenient MUTE button. Other pre-printed functions include sound levels, programming, audio modes, PIP and miscellaneous DVD/LD functions.

Despite a few shortcoming and sometimes "half there" advanced features, the UR362 is actually a pretty good remote, especially considering the under $100 USD price tag. With 10 devices, real buttons, multiple macros, full learning, custom button labeling and lots more... itís got that doctor recommended Learnallium!

- Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)

Home Logic UR362 Data Box
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