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Home Logic UR362 Remote Control Review
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Home Logic UR362 & Rotel RR-969 Features:

10 Devices: The UR362 can control up to 10 devices. The default button names are AUX1, TUNER, VCR, CABL, TV, AUX2, AV, CD, DVD and SAT. On-screen LCD names for each device can be customized.

Full Learning: The UR362 can learn signals onto all user buttons for each device. Six of these buttons can hold multiple signals – up to 5 – which operate in rotation each time the button is pressed.

Custom Button Labels: A unique feature, the UR362 can have a custom 8-character alphanumeric label applied to all hard buttons under all devices. Via a button at the bottom of the remote, the user can select between two different label sets.

LCD Screen: The display at the top of the screen displays the current device, the selected button’s name, the date and time, as well as other configuration information.

Backlight: The LCD screen and keypad are backlit by LEDs. A light sensor at the top of the remote automatically enables the backlight when room conditions dictate it, or the user may use the [LIGHT] button.

Hard Buttoned Design: A total of 68 buttons are available on the remote, with 47 available for user commands. 38 of these buttons are backlit.

Macros: 20 macros are available, containing up to 20 commands each. Macros can be placed on component buttons or keypad buttons [0] through [8] and [+10]. Custom delays may be added up to 99 seconds long, and do not count towards the 20 available commands. Macros are used by pressing the [MACRO] button followed by the key containing the macro.

Timed Buzzer & Alarm: The UR362 can have a timer set to run at a particular time, which either activates a macro or sounds a buzzer for 15 seconds. Timers may be enabled or disabled on the fly.

Sleep Timer: A sleep timer can be configured to turn off a particular device after 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes has elapsed. Only on the UR362.

Sliding Door: Hides advanced controls out-of view. A flip-panel under the door changes the printed labels for 20 buttons.

Beep Tone: Audio feedback for each button can be enabled or disabled.

Low Battery Indicator: Alerts the user when battery power is low. Learned signals and other configuration information are not lost while the remote is without power.

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