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Pronto lcd screen differences
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OP | Post 16 made on Wednesday June 14, 2000 at 11:05
Ryan Carney
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Daniel, thanks for your help. Let me know if Philips contacts you with any information. I appreciate your efforts. Excellent site!
OP | Post 17 made on Monday June 19, 2000 at 10:15
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Re. difference of "screen" brightness of Pronto:
I have two new Pronto remotes (black, blue, green,
blue-green, or whatever YOU see--dark vs silver, ok?). The illumination of the screen is very much different in brightness in the two.
Serial #: 37964843-brighter
Serial #: 37974458-dimmer
These were compared carefully in a dark room at night. Neither of the units had an operative light sensor. Both AA batteries and NiMh batteries were
used and exchanged in each unit, after the batteries were checked with a volt meter. (All of
the voltages were as expected from known specs.)
The unit with the lower number was obviously brighter under all testing conditions to a degree
that a faulty interpretation would have been impossible. Others observed the same result.
Two silver units were examined. However, the owner
refused removal of the AA tray for serial number "fearing" some harm could be encountered--sorry, but they did belong to him. They were both like the dimmer version of the "dark" unit.
Maybe too few units were in the sample to make any conclusion that would flaw scientific methodology,
however, differences were apparent to several people in the units examined.
Be sure that I am positive the unit with the LOWER # was brighter, just so that there is no mistake here!
By the way no "buzzing" was apparent to the observers in any unit.
Both of my "dark" units have performed without flaw
using either source of power in doing the normal range of Pronto use.
OP | Post 18 made on Monday June 19, 2000 at 11:09
Ryan Carney
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Finally! I knew that someone else could back me up on this. Thanks M.A.J. Your description is right on the money. The backlight is very dimm or dark in comparison, and the icons are not as sharp. Possibly this has nothing to do with the active light sensor or "old" vs "new"... but rather luck of the draw. If your lucky you get a bright backlight and a sharp LCD. If your unlucky....well you'll probably never know the difference. I was able to get an older rc5000 with the active light sensor from Silver Screen and Sound in Towson Md. I had to buy their display model, but it was worth it. The LCD is bright and crisp just like my other pronto. I still think this is a noteworthy problem and I wish that Philips would provide some type of feedback. I'm also suprised that pronto users aren't more concerned about this. If you have the opportunity please compare LCD screens and post your findings. Maybe this is a small problem with just a few units, or maybe not!
OP | Post 19 made on Monday June 19, 2000 at 12:04
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I have always been a bit concerned regarding the screen quality. The fact that these things change contrast when they get warm and you have to manually adjust all the time is not impressive. As for Samsung (the screen manufacturers of my Pronto), well I don't think Philips paid a lot per unit!

(My two cents)
OP | Post 20 made on Monday June 19, 2000 at 13:39
M. A.J.
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I have realized that there was a difference, but how often can one get two new Pronto units (dark) and two new silver Pronto units together for three to five people to make observations in a manner as to not influence each other. We all looked at the screens, made our evaluations without saying a word, talked for a while after each had formed a firm opinion.
There is no possibility that the differences were not present. The only question is why. I'm sure I'll get the correct answer by asking someone on the Phillips Help Line--Ha,ha! Oh well! Daniel???
OP | Post 21 made on Monday June 19, 2000 at 17:31
Daniel Tonks
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Sorry -- haven't heard anything yet. I don't doubt there's a difference. However, I wouldn't worry about the contrast changing; that's happened on my screen since day one and everything is still fine.
OP | Post 22 made on Wednesday June 21, 2000 at 01:27
Scott S.
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Ryan, I can back you up also. Exact same experience. Here is my info:

1-2 year old Pronto w/light sensor, s/n 19583545
1 month old silver Pronto w/o sensor, s/n PL 01 0002 008043

Try this, anyone that wants to compare LCD screens - just turn the brightness on both Prontos all the way up (the buttons will not be visible) and look! Ryan, you're definitely right about 2 things:

1) The difference between the two is "night and day" (The silver one being night!)

2) I'm pissed (not drunk for you U.K guys) now that I've found this out!

P.S. Daniel, you're the best!
OP | Post 23 made on Wednesday June 21, 2000 at 01:40
Peter Dewildt
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Same with us Aussies.

We say "pissed" to mean drunk and "pissed off" to say unhappy.
OP | Post 24 made on Thursday June 22, 2000 at 15:37
Ryan Carney
Historic Forum Post
Scott, thanks for the info! I'm sorry your having the same problem but I'm thankful that you were able to back me up on this. I suspect there are still more pronto users out there who will be very dissapointed when they discover the difference in the LCD screens. Also, I sent Philips an e-mail about the LCD problem when I first noticed it a few weeks back...I have yet to recieve a response.
OP | Post 25 made on Friday June 23, 2000 at 07:05
Jonathan Stark
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Observations on the Poor Contrast of the Pronto Display

I have been designing buttons of different colours (greyscales) to improve the user experience of my Pronto. By using dithering I came up with seven greyscales (white, white/light grey, light grey, light grey/dark grey, dark grey, dark grey/black and black). I found, however, that although they look great in ProntoEmulator, the "colours" were very similar to each other on the Pronto.

Adjusting the contrast so that the lighter buttons are distinguishable from each other means that the darker buttons all turn solid black. Adjusting the contrast the other way has the opposite effect. I cannot find a happy medium. It was then I looked more closely at the LCD display and noticed how fuzzy and dim it seemed and that getting the four base "colours" to look different requires pinpoint adjustment of the contrast.

Comparing screen quality of the Pronto with the screen on my Palm V (which was cheaper than the Pronto), showed that the Palm screen was much better. I wondered whether there was a fault with my Pronto, but after having read this thread (on the excellent RemoteCentral website) I am disappointed to find that this seems to be a wider problem.

Although generally pleased with my European "silver" Pronto, the poor quality of the LCD display is most disappointing. Is there any merit in lobbying Philips for an LCD upgrade?
OP | Post 26 made on Friday June 23, 2000 at 09:34
Jonathan Stark
Historic Forum Post
In the Marantz RC5000/Philips Pronto FAQ, it states that the Pronto & RC5000 share the exact same LCD screen and aqua-colored backlighting. As it seems that Philips may now be supplying Prontos with cheaper LCDs, is this still the case? If the Marantz RC5000 is still supplied with the better LCD, this could tip the balance for new purchasers towards the Marantz.
OP | Post 27 made on Friday June 23, 2000 at 19:52
tomas gunn
Historic Forum Post
I have a rc-500 but when i saw the silver pronto I bought one for the color to replace my gold rc-5000.
after reading this i checked it out and BOY there is a
difference. The lcd screen quality in the rc-5000 is bright and clear and the pronto is dull and dark looking. Iam very disspointed with Phillips on this matter. Iam lucky to have read this before my 30 day return was over, oh-well back to the store the pronto goes!!!
OP | Post 28 made on Saturday June 24, 2000 at 03:49
Daniel Tonks
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Yes, there seems to be a difference in screens. HOWEVER -- it's a well known problem even with the so-called "good" screen that when contrast is adjusted so that light gray is visible, dark gray is nearly indistinguishable from black.
OP | Post 29 made on Saturday June 24, 2000 at 14:15
Historic Forum Post
I'm in the UK & hence when my new Pronto comes into stock hopefully Mon-Wed next week, I will doubtless experience the same problem. Obviously I am horrified to learn of the above.

My question is - is anyone aware that there is a difference between the Pronto & the RC5000 i.e. the ones presently available in the UK - if so, (and I suspect that the Marantz RC5000 may have the better screen) clearly I want to change my order !!

My dealer informed me that the Philps unit was technically better than that of the Marantz unit (specifically you can change the pitch of the bleeping etc etc). Is this also true guys ??
OP | Post 30 made on Saturday June 24, 2000 at 16:55
Daniel Tonks
Historic Forum Post
1) All models use the exact same hardware, good or otherwise.

2) The only operational difference is that the Pronto has timers and the option to assign custom beeps to buttons (the general button "beep" feature is the same between both). However, there are confirmed rumors about new features coming out for the RC5000 (and apparantly only the RC5000).
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