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User reviews for the One For All URC-8800 (A/V Producer 8) from One For All.
One For All URC-8800 (A/V Producer 8)
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Average: 3.41/5.00
Median: 4.00/5.00
The A/V Producer 8 is similar to the URC-9800 Home Producer but without the RF basestation. It features a backlit keypad, macros and limited learning capabilities.
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the One For All URC-8800 (A/V Producer 8) remote.
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Written by Tom Forrest from Charlotte, NC.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 3 made on Sunday September 10, 2000 at 2:55 PM.
Strengths:Fully backlit. All buttons and LCD display light up at the touch of a button.
Key remapping abilities.
Physical size.
Weaknesses:Limited learning abilities.
No "master power off" button.
Review:I purchased this unit to control the TV, RCA-DSS, and VCR in my bedroom. It was fairly easy to setup after learning the menu sequence.

I've only had the unit a short time - not even long enough to have to change the batteries yet. For those of us with bigger hands its a delight to hold and use. Buttons are nicely laid out and easy to memorize (for those times when you forget to engage the auto lighting).

I've found only a couple buttons this unit would not replicate on my TV (Panasonic) and VCR (Hitachi). Those were easily programmed into the remote.

The unit can be programmed to turn all of your equipment on. But not off. I'd rather see the later. I do not always want everything to be turned on. I ALWAYS want everything to be turned off - at least in the bedroom.

For those of you who've not mastered the art of programming your VCR, you can use this remote instead. It will allow several events to be programmed. A subset of this is a sleep timer. My TV has a sleep timer while the RCA-DSS receiver does not. I set the TV to wake me up with a local news channel. If the DSS receiver is on, the TV only displays static (and mutes the noise) and I am late for work. Using the sleep timer function of this remote shuts the DSS receiver off and I do not get written up for being late!

For the limited amount of equipment I have in the bedroom, this is the perfect remote.
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Written by Ron Barr from Santa Cruz, CA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-2 years.
Review 2 made on Friday August 25, 2000 at 4:26 PM.
Strengths:Very flexible, contains codes for most equipment, easy to use, good solution if all of your equipment is supported
Weaknesses:Hard to upgrade (requires mail in), doesn't save settings across battery swap in spite of claims
Review:I've had this remote for nearly two years. I used it exclusively until I added to pieces of equipment that it doesn't support: Tivo and a Nakamichi receiver. Since it's not a learning remote, I can't use it for most of what I do day to day.

I'm currently waiting for the MX1000, which I believe is perfect for my needs.
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Written by Tom Hoots from Oregon, USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for more than two years.
Review 1 made on Thursday August 24, 2000 at 1:17 AM.
Strengths:LCD display helps during programming, and gives you feedback during usage.
Weaknesses:I usually couldn't get advanced function codes for everything I wanted. The size of the remote and the placement of the buttons made it rather difficult to use.
Review:The a/v Producer 8 is a rather high-quality piece of equipment, and there is "almost" adequate support via the company's web site to get you where you need to go. Ultimately, though, this just wasn't a remote that could totally command my system.

I never really could get the "advanced function" codes I needed -- there were always a few functions I just couldn't get or find codes for. Also, the entry of these codes is NOT a quick or easy thing to do -- this is one of the more painful remotes to program.

A "plus" side to the remote was that I actually found discrete codes for some functions on my Samsung TV that weren't on the remote that came with the TV -- direct access to the sound and video options that I otherwise had to dig through menus to control.

But, there's more bad news to this remote -- it's just "too darn big" to hold in one hand, and reliably use all of the buttons, ESPECIALLY the "transport" controls at the very bottom of the remote. You just can't hang onto the remote and use those at the same time! The "menu" controls at the top are similarly difficult to use -- you have to "choke up" on the remote to access them.

Just compare the layout of the a/v Producer 8 to the new Sony RM-VL900, and you'll instantly see how the transport and menu controls really need to be more in the middle of the remote, where you can easily "thumb" through them.

Again, ultimately, I think you go looking for more satisfactory solutions to the remote control problem, once you've bumped against the limitations and frustrations from this remote...

Tom Hoots
[email protected]
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Now viewing user reviews page 3 of 3 for
the One For All URC-8800 (A/V Producer 8) remote.
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