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UCommand 515 Remote Control Review
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Customizable Labeling
The UCommand is quite smart about labeling – for instance, the Volume Up/Down and Channel Up/Down buttons have the word "VOLUME" and "CHANNEL" between them. Since they can also be used for other functions, the "VOLUME" and "CHANNEL" labels aren’t always needed. When customizing, the remote will only add the label if both of the required buttons are visible. This keeps the screen neat and tidy.

All icons for the UCommand
All available icons for the UCommand.
There are several interesting things to note under the possible labels. Two places for menu controls exist: at the bottom of the remote under the transport icons (default for the TV device), or at the top where the keypad normally resides (default for the DVD device). A complete range of transport controls are available, as are labels for center, rear and subwoofer levels. Logos are included for DTS and Dolby Digital, plus a number of input component names for receivers. A whole slew of tiny, nearly obscure icons are programmed for the Satellite device. Missing are PIP controls for TV, jog/shuttle controls for VCRs, or DSP/equalizer controls for receivers. By pressing and holding the "TV" and "DVD" buttons you can recall the original LCD layout for all devices; this does not change or remove any of your programmed functions.

Deleting Mistakes
To remove signals you use the [DELETE] button. You may selectively remove a macro or learned signal from a single button, delete all buttons for a device, or delete all buttons on all devices. There’s the usual smart confirmation screen (2,4,6,8) to bypass before entering "Delete" mode, however once you’re in there anything you touch is removed in the blink of an eye – careful what you press! Since signals and button labels are stored separately, you will still need to manually remove the label for a cleared button.

Unfortunately, this is where the UCommand’s limitation of 28 buttons per devices begins to show up. Under DVD mode, there is no option to have both menu, transport and keypad controls available at once. The default design allows for transport and menu only. If you prefer a keypad over menu controls, you could move the menu controls down to their alternate location – except you would then lose chapter and fast-forward buttons. Due to the screen design, you can’t move a particular label to another button. Enough blank buttons are provided on the DVD screen for subtitle, audio, and setup functions, although no matching labels are provided.

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