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UCommand 525 Remote Control Review
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Continuing the same line of thought, while the ability to record a macro on any button is an extremely useful one, there are no "system wide" buttons on which to place theater automation macros such as powering the system on or off. One solution would be to dedicate one of the eight devices solely to macros, but macros cannot change to another device when completed.

Further, four valuable hard buttons are dedicated to mundane setup functions - items usually accessed via a single button or even a mere button combination. Those four buttons would have been great as user functions, such as Power On, Power Off, Eject and Display.

Crisp Solutions UCommand 525
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Passing the polyester... and other light thoughts.
And now for the unofficial international standard test for infrared signal strength quantification: Remote Central's Menacing Thick Fluffy Blanket (MTFB)! Utilizing a "scientific instrument" of fabulous fluffocity, we determine exactly how well a clicker can send its invisible rays. Every remote tested to date has passed Level 1 with flying colors - and the UC-525 was no exception. At Level 2, the UCommand warranted its expensive ultra-rated batteries by operating flawlessly, surpassing even the UC-616 which experienced "difficulties" at this stage.

At Level 3, the UCommand sustained its signal reliability, proving that it will faithfully control your devices even if you don't feel up to aiming at them. Alas, Level 4... nary a smidgeon of infrared passed through the poly. The final MTFB rating for the UC-525 is 3.0: better than most original equipment remote controls!

In contrast with the majority of imported remotes, Crisp Solutions writes their manuals for the USA in perfect English. All operations are described in detail, accompanied by clear diagrams and photographs of exactly what should be going on as you're programming. The bound document also includes a troubleshooting section, along with a special page created exclusively to help Sony receiver owners attempting to capture DSP codes (which are notoriously difficult).

In conclusion, the UCommand 525 is a quality product enhanced with good physical ergonomics, quick operation and fantastic learning and macro possibilities. These good points are tempered by a minimalist approach to system control that has remained virtually the same since the original UC-515's release. Without enough individual device functions for total remote consolidation, the UCommand may not be the ideal controller for large or semi-complex systems. But, individuals who require a little less "oomph" will find that the UC-525 is a good choice in the often confusing world of remote controls.

- Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)

Crisp Solutions UCommand 525 Data Box
Price:$129 USD
Contact:   Crisp Solutions LLC
Phone:(626) 839-2798

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