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Section B1: Software Questions
Using the Software

B1-01   What are the current software versions?

    As of November 11th, 2004, the current downloadable versions are:

    Philips ProntoEdit NG v2.0.6
    Philips ProntoProEdit NG v1.0.15
    Marantz v1.2.5
    Marantz Wizz.it9 v1.0.13

B1-02   Can I take screen captures of my design?
    Sure! Just load up your file in the emulator and press “Print Screen” on any screen that you want to capture. Although no notice is given (like on the original Pronto’s emulator), sequentially numbered BMP files will be saved to C:\Pronto2GScreenShots or, for the ProntoPro, C:\ProntoProScreenShots.

    Note that the numbering will start over (overwriting previous files) whenever you exit and restart the emulator.

B1-03   Is there an easier way to work with the “Button Properties” window?
    Many users may not have noticed that the “Button Properties” is a static window that can remain active – thus the lack of [OK] and [Cancel] buttons. So, if your screen’s resolution is set high enough, it is possible to leave “Button Properties” open and click on different objects without constantly opening and closing the window.

B1-04   Is it possible to adjust the properties for more than one button at a time?
    Although the “Button Properties” window does not need to be closed after editing each button to save any changes, it does not support editing more than a single button at a time. If you attempt to do so, the “Button Properties” window will blank out.

B1-05   What does the “Template” setting do?
    When the “Template” or “Use the device as a template on the remote control” option is selected, the entire device along with any command aliases to the device will NOT be accessible on the remote control. If you wish to make a device appear invisible, instead use the “Hide Device” option, which still allows aliases and page jumps.

    Templates are only for use with a configuration designed to allow the addition of new devices using the remote’s onboard programming interface. If a file has no templates, it is not possible to create a new blank device. If you do not wish this functionality – and the vast majority of ProntoEdit NG users do not – then you can safely ignore templates.

B1-06   What keyboard shortcuts are there?
    ProntoEdit NG and ProntoProEdit NG have several keyboard shortcuts designed to make editing easier:

    General Shortcuts
    CTRL + 0 to 4: zooms from 50% to 400%
    CTRL + L: displays the Gallery
    CTRL + M: starts Pronto simulator
    CTRL + D: download to Pronto

    SHIFT + UP: bring forward one level
    SHIFT + DOWN: send back one level
    SHIFT + PAGE UP: bring to front
    SHIFT + PAGE DOWN: send to back
    CTRL + G: group selected buttons
    CTRL + U: ungroup selected groups
    TAB: selects next object
    SHIFT + TAB: selects previous object
    CTRL + A: selects all objects
    F2: edits selected object’s label
    ALT + ENTER: opens Properties window

    Working with Buttons
    CTRL + Drag & Drop: duplicates a button
    CTRL + ALT + Drag & Drop: copies only bitmaps from one button to another
    CTRL + SHIFT + Drag & Drop: copies only the action list from one button to another

    Note that when dragging one button on top of another, the action is performed on the button immediately beneath the top left corner of the image being dragged, NOT under the mouse cursor as you would expect.

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