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Philips Pronto NG / ProntoPro NG FAQ
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Section A2: Hardware Questions
Physical Characteristics

A2-01   What processor and operating system does it use?

    The original Pronto used the Motorola Dragonball MC68328 16MHz processor (same as many Palms) and the ProntoPro a Motorola Dragonball MC68VZ328 "VZ" 33MHz processor, both running pSOS.

    The new Pronto NG uses a Mitsubishi M16C80 running at 20MHz and the embOS operating system.

A2-02   How large is the screen, and how many colors can it display?
    For all models, the screen size is 3.8” diagonally with a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels. The black and white Pronto NG is capable of displaying 16 shades of grey, while the color ProntoPro NG’s TFT screen shows 16-bit color – that’s about 64,000 colors.

A2-03   Is the Pronto NG compatible with the ProntoPro’s docking station?
    Although the Pronto NG uses the same docking station connector as the ProntoPro, they are not compatible. The Pronto NG’s connector has been moved off-center, to the right side of the remote, so it is not physically possible to put a Pronto NG into a TSU6000’s docking station.

A2-04   What frequencies can the remote learn?
    The Pronto NG can learn IR frequencies of up to 56KHz. However, the remotes are capable of transmitting frequencies that are much higher: all you need to do is find a PCF file that has the codes you need.

    The Pronto NG is capable of learning some high frequency code formats, including Bang & Olufsen and Kenwood, however this is done through a database trick where they need to have previously decoded the exact command you are learning. Which means that some “new” functions may not learn properly.

A2-05   Does the Pronto NG use a standard USB cable?
    The Pronto NG uses an industry standard connector known as “Mini USB”. Many digital cameras and MP3 players use the same connector.

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