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Marantz Updates RC5000 Setup to v1.02
Fix for VBAJET32.DLL problems; Sony VisionTouch solution?
Posted by Daniel Tonks on January 26, 2000 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
RC5000 Software: Late yesterday afternoon Marantz quietly released a new version of RC5000 Setup -- v1.02. From speaking with them it's basically a bug-fixed version of ProntoEdit v1.04, but without timer or beep support. However, it will still load all files created by ProntoEdit v1.04 and merely remove any timer or beep references. This version also fully supports hidden panels. Although the version number is "1.02.01 USA" on the About screen, it is in fact "1.02.02 USA". I'm hoping to receive a detailed list of specific bug fixes from Marantz during the next few days, though I do already know that the global definition problem with the left/right hard buttons has been corrected.

The new download also includes new firmware for your RC5000 remote -- SYS v3.61 and APP v4.84. Just as with the RC5000 regarding Pronto firmware, please don't update your Pronto with RC5000 firmware as it will not work. Various documents around the site have been updated with the new information. To download the new package from Marantz, please click here.

VBAJET32.DLL problems: In the process of upgrading my RC5000 Setup version, I encounted a problem that several other users have seen in the past with ProntoEdit -- upon running the software, an error message saying that "The Jet VBA file...vbajet32.dll...failed to initialize when called" is shown, preventing it from starting. Up until now, the only solution has been to reinstall Windows. Well, I'm pleased to say that I discovered another fix that only involves copying a file into Window's system directory -- nothing else is required. If you ever encounter this problem you need only download and extract this file to c:\windows\system, where "c" is the drive your operating system is installed on. Another version of vbajet32.dll is included in this file if yours is missing. The interesting "missing" file is "expsrv.dll", which requires no other registering besides being in the proper directory. This solution was news also to Marantz, who may consider adding it to their installation package to ensure that this problem is fully eliminated. This fix has been added to the Pronto/RC5000 FAQ (which has been updated with other items as well) and the required file will be available from Remote Central as long as the problem persists in either software version.

VisionTouch solution? Gil Diaz has released a new solution that should allow all Sony VisionTouch users to finally make use of traditional remote controls. Indeed any Sony receiver, CD, tuner, tape deck, MD deck or Jukebox could be controlled, providing it has the Control-A1 or Control-A11 interface. Gil has uploaded a Word document with instructions on building the Control-S to Control-A1 translator cable that requires only $6 in parts, along with a Pronto CCF file with codes to his Sony STR-DA90ESG receiver. Or, for $25, he'll build the cable for you. If you'd like to check out the document or CCF file please click here. Not a Pronto owner? There is a shareware solution that will allow you to teach your universal remote the codes needed using a PC and an IR transmitter. Email Gil Diaz for full details. The codes used in this system are still being translated, so more is bound to come. Once I've heard more user reports I'll update other VisionTouch references on this site.

Take Control v1.5 software: Due to many user requests and as Harman/Kardon has chosen to remove it from their site, I've made the Take Control v1.5 software package available directly from Remote Central. To download it, please click here. Enjoy!

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