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Clicker Picker Our exclusive Clicker Picker generates a statistical analysis of each remote control based upon the options you enter - whether you are for, against or indifferent to certain features - and presents what would technically be good product matches for your particular needs. Depending on what is selected, some or all of the following items are taken into account:

  • price
  • number of devices
  • number of hard buttons
  • number of user hard buttons
  • number of soft buttons
  • amount of memory
  • number of learnable buttons
  • adjustable IR hold times
  • preset codes
  • number of macros
  • number of hard button macros
  • how many macro steps
  • adjustable delays
  • key aliasing
  • variables support
  • LCD screen
  • if touchscreen
  • LCD dimensions
  • LCD resolution
  • if a color display
  • number of LCD colors
  • LCD backlighting
  • button backlighting
  • backlight type
  • backlight color
  • menu joystick
  • light sensor
  • motion sensor
  • RF basestation capabilities
  • voice operation
  • rechargeable batteries
  • battery type
  • docking station
  • clock
  • timers
  • sleep timer
  • dimensions
  • weight
  • weight w/batteries
  • high frequency capabilities
  • internet surfing
  • built-in TV guide
  • computer software
  • flash upgradeability
  • type of PC interface
  • Macintosh compatibility
  • custom button labels
  • custom button sizes
  • custom button images
  • supports Pronto hex codes
  • if users can share setups
  • on-remote setup options
  • What this program does not do is grade on what would be subjective items, such as overall design, ergonomics, usability, ease of programming, or the total sum of "advanced" features. Before deciding on a particular remote, we strongly recommend you research those aspects by reading our in-depth review (where available) and all user reviews for the widest range of opinions.

    If you're simply looking for a comparison of remote control specifications, use the selection boxes displayed below the shopping form. Unlike the actual Clicker Picker search form, this section will allow you to view remote controls that are no longer available on the marketplace.

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